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Our October demo is now out on Steam. Go, request access now :)

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Head to the store page now to request access to our October Tech Demo!

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What To Expect From This Tech Demo

The purpose of this Tech Demo is to give players the opportunity to explore the technology we've developed for the game so far, along with giving a small glimpse of what we've got planned for the game in the long term. Hopefully, you'll agree that there's a wealth of potential to unlock.

In this demo, you can freely explore the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy, either by scanning local targets of interest or by simply firing up the FTL engines and picking a random direction in space. Star classes O through M are currently included, in addition to black holes and various types of rocky and gas planets. Moons and multi-star systems are planned for a future update, along with rogue planets and other stellar phenomenon.

All 7 decks of the Magellan Class starship can be explored, with A Deck and Engineering on F Deck being the most fleshed out. The rest of the ship is currently under construction, so be sure to hit T to enable the torch while investigating unfinished areas. On the Bridge you can use the Sensors station to survey stars and planets in the local area, the Helm station to navigate the ship, and the Command console to set the alert condition throughout the ship. Be sure to press any buttons you come across because nothing on the ship is mere surface detail. Every single button has a function associated with it.

Above all, thank you for trying out the demo! We hope you have fun with it.

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