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After taking a lot of your feedback on the first Alpha demo, I have been hard at work on this new demo, coming early next year.

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Hello Climbers

That's right - I've been hard at work on a new demo based on feedback from the last one!

What Changed?

  • Shorter demo (old one was about 1 hour in length average, so it should be much less than that now)
  • The same area as the first one, but completely redesigned given design feedback.
  • New tutorial segment that is less confusing
  • Some updated graphics and new object designs
  • New UI, including less annoying terminal speed warning. It's no longer a red vignette blocking the screen, it's just part of the UI
  • More scannables and lore
  • The ability to reset the level to the start, with clear stats (This is useful for speedrunning)
  • New composed music
  • An unlockable secret level, and new blue crystals that you can find and smash
  • Level Select menu (although you can only select one)
  • Settings menu where you can lower graphics settings, adjust audio, gameplay, and controls
  • Speedrun stats records available in the level select menu
  • Controller support, and button mapping (although some issues may remain that I'm aware of)
  • Lots of mechanic bug fixes (it feels very crisp now - I can't break it!)
  • Coyote time actually works and I can't break it! Even on pipes / sliding surfaces :)

So although it's not release quality yet - it's much much closer to release quality.

Expect it to be out early next year!

A Sneak Peek

Here's an example of the Quality settings impact:

quality comp 2

And here is a small preview of the new atmosphere and aesthetic for the demo area:

Lorns Lure Cheese Mode Screensh 1

I'm hesitant to show you too much, so below is a short video that shows off a few more features.
This is early on in the demo, before you get the climbing picks. It shows:

  • Reset to start
  • New UI
  • New terminal velocity indicator
  • Very brief and limited view of the new demo area

Stay tuned for more, folks!

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