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The decision made for the direction of the server and therefore picked scenario. This article details our next steps, and the scenario which was decided.

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After a week of voting, by 53 of you in the community to be precise, a clear decision has been made - The Dhirim Burgeon has won with over 56% of the vote.

As we set out in our initial announcement, from here we will begin full development of the scenario which has been picked by you all. I'd like to note though, how we have approached announcing our server, and therefore the scenario is in a fashion where we can get you all involved in the server as much as possible. The purpose of the poll this last week was to gauge the interest in the community's thoughts and the direction to where you want to take things. To reinforce this, I'd like to reiterate we are looking for as many ideas and opinions - good or bad - as to how to appropriately build this scenario. If you'd rather not throw said ideas in public, my DMs are always open, something I can then take back to the staff team to see how viable the suggestion is and/or see how we can develop it!

I'd like to just repeat, this past week has served as a way for us telling you of our intention to make DNRP3, with also getting you involved - it is not in any way been a path for us to begin to announce roles or something similar. We are not intending to launch in the very near future, nor post an announcement on our timeline for a definitive launch (and in turn open up noble/notable applications), therefore please do not hold out for us on this front. However what we will be doing is updating you all regularly with development blogs concentrating on different areas of the server, such as new mechanics/systems to help you better understand how the scenario will be run. We are also still open to new staff members, so if you want to get involved, do feel free to apply here. But that is it for now, we hope to update you in the near future with our first development blog, for now though? I recommend you join our platforms, such as discord and get involved in the discussions! I will leave the picked scenario in full below.

Delorious Roleplay 3: The Dhirim Burgeon

Background Lore

The City of Dhirim is a great fortress and metropolis that juts out from the rocky outcrops of the Lambourne plain. It has a commanding view of the surrounding areas, for it is built upon a natural mound in the earth. Outside the eastern city can be found a small hamlet, which is the main resource producing area of the city and its hinterland. These lands are the home of the Duke of Dhirim.

Families jostle for power over trade and influence within the city. The commoners, focused primarily around the hamlet, venture to the city daily to peddle their stock so that they may survive. These lands are the home of the Duke of Dhirim.

History of Dhirim

The City of Dhirim is only now recovering from a period of almost 40 years of demagoguery, civil unrest and war. Dhirim had been the most resistant to the centralisation of the Swadian as the King tightened around his grip around the realm, and those of Dhirim had always sought to retain their own autonomy. Their last hope of this was brutally quashed during their rebellion of 1263, their beloved Duke being hung, drawn and quartered for his treacherous acts. The populace of Dhirim did not escape punishment for the actions of their beloved Duke, however, and they were charged heavily in reparations for their previous insolence. The inability of the Dukes of Dhirim to pay these taxes saw a medley of them come and go at the order of the King between the years of 1263-1275.

One Duke, however, rose to the challenge, his name being Duke Morlan. He managed to pay the reparations, largely out of the personal fortune he had accrued through inheritance and trade. He not only appeased the King’s reparations, but he also won the fame and acclaim of noble and peasant alike due to his gallant involvement in the crusade. Not only that, but he fought on the frontlines at the Battle of Jelbegi (1284), and managed to hold off the Nordic Ambush, despite being heavily outnumbered, until the Prince-Regent had arrived with reinforcements. His actions and his fidelity to his King have improved relations between the King of Swadia and the Duke of Dhirim, which has seen the reparations cancelled. This has allowed the city to once again breathe, and rise from the ashes from its dark days of the rebellion.

Duke Morlan still reigns to this day, entering his 28th year of his rule. The past few years have finally witnessed a level of stability with crime finally under control from the endless criminal gangs that plagued the city. Those within the walls are quietly murmuring to one another with the honest belief the upcoming generation of talent will have the best chance at life, and to make a name for themselves. The future of the Duchy of Dhirim once again looks bright due to his leadership.

As of recent, the volatile situation in the eastern steppes has seen the conquests of the Shigozen Khuzait Tribe became more aggressive in recent years, with them being pushed to Halmar, the common folk leaving the city in droves. The general hopelessness of the Taejiin Khuzait Tribe situation has led many to flee the realm entirely, with many seeking asylum with the Sarranid of the Nahasan, and many more with the Swadians. This can be easily seen now in Dhirim, where the hamlet adjacent to the city walls now has a marked Khuzait population.

Set within the east wing of the City of Dhirim (in the year 1303 and a lore continuation of the DNRP universe). The scenario is inspired by concepts from The Guild 2 & KCD and aspired from servers such as CRP4. There will be one main storyline targetting towards the city folk, which will lean on combat. Based with a Swadian majority populace, accompanied by Khuzait Refugees in an outlying hamlet.

There will be 2 main districts, controlled by two notable noble lords under the Duke. Within the centre of the city, there will be a marketplace, consisting of shopfronts, the local inn, a bank, and the church. The Mayor will be the City’s FL (voted in), controlling law and order throughout the city and will be aided by the Bailiff (head of the law enforcement (catchpoles)). There will also be a den for the criminal gang inside or outside the city (TBD where) to organise the city’s crime and extort the populace. Outside the city will be where the main production of the city will be located, in and around a hamlet, scattered around the outskirts. Plenty of adventure spots & hiding places to be had both in and outside the city.

Faction (Banner) Slots / Applicable Roles

• City District (Ran by the Mayor on behalf of the Duke, applicable pre-launch).
• Noble District 1 (Swadian Noble Family of 2, applicable).
• Noble District 2 (Swadian Noble Family of 2, applicable).
• The Inn (Innkeeper Applicable).
• The Hamlet (those who are serving in the Hamlet for various roles - this could be part of the City District faction - Village Elder applicable of either Swadian or Khuzait origin).
• Criminal Organisation (With the Gang Leader Applicable).
• Various Organisations, such as Guilds and the Bank are welcomed to be applied by players. The more creative, the better. We wish for the bank to be run by players, in conjunction with staff.

Scenario Themes

• Guide your character to make a name for themselves in the city, for the better of themselves and their family to prosper with wealth and influence to become the most renown family.
• Focusing progression more so on character development and RP (e.g. status) rather than just getting the best combat gear: Become an honest craftsman and join a guild, slip into the noble inner circle by earning or bribing your way to titles, purchase an establishment to solidify your assets (such as a shopfront or buying a house) or get dirty in crime; it is up to you how you amass your power.
• One main culture, to avoid limiting/segregating large groups against one another.
• Direction away from Border RP and forcing pitting groups against one another within the same border.


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