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Some IRL stuff has thrown me a curve-ball, so you can expect a delay.

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So, I won't go into too much detail, but...

My father appears to have taken a turn, and his health is not looking too great.
Hopefully it's nothing, and he'll be OK in a few days, otherwise, well, no explanation needed.

It's that simple, I'm going to be more preoccupied with him at the moment, so the MOD Project Release may be delayed.

I'm not looking for no sympathy vote, I just thought I'd tell you that my original plan of releasing on the 25th may not happen as planned. It's just a delay, nothing too drastic.

That is all.


When life goes throwing curve-balls at you.

'Stuff' happens.

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i wish you luck man. its tough

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so, where is the mod?

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How inconsiderate are you?

As I said, delayed, due to a real world curve-ball.

If you had of read the text, you would know there are delays due to my father's health.

You're either inconsiderate, impatient, or just can't read.

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