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The time by far has yet to come for another update for KW Reloaded.

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Sorry to tell you this, my friends. I have long awaited for this long huge release this autumn, but unfortunately due to technical issues, a lot of loopholes to edit and unfinished coding, this mod has been delayed until probably next year. It was close but it fell short. The next release is to be determined, and now that the latest version is now considered a version 1.0 delta (rather than a full incomplete version) after doing private work on beta versions 0.8 and 0.9 and possibly now delta version 1.0. The release of this mod will not be a 1.0 anyway, it'll be a future version number. I have already released the KW art pack and the re-release of the CNC3 art pack mentioned on top of this mod page. The CNC4 and the re-release of the RA3 Uprising art packs will be available next week along with the Spartan and the Shogun Executioner unit source codes.

Still need to add, edit and finish are the following:
- Balance changes to all current units and structures for the mod.
- The special support powers and upgrades used for all sub-factions.
- The modified and extracted AptUI command HUDs for all sub-factions.
- The skirmish AI codings for all sub-factions. (the hardest part of all if it can work)
- Getting the Tiberium Hive to work all units in the tiberium field.
- Getting the Stealth Jet to work with a correct animation.
- Getting all CNC4 units and RA3 neutral structures that are in this mod to have correct death animations.
- Creating several MP/skirmish maps involving some RA3 neutral structures and a Shogun Executioner. (the longest part of all)

Rather than putting a long change list in the top page, I decided to post the final developmental changes here. There will be about 56 new and modified units in the mod, no wonder why this mod couldn't get any bigger than this.

GDI changes:
- Following new units to be in this faction: Zone Raider, Slingshot, Shatterer, Hammerhead and MARV will be buildable for the GDI. Still questionable is the Stealth Jet.
- GDI EMP Cannon support power will be usable for all GDI factions.
- Grenadier Squad with EMP Grenades ability working for all GDI factions.
- GDI V-Ox Transport and Carryall will be buildable for all GDI factions.
- Commando can now set C4s to all ground vehicles.
- Fixed an unknown issue with the GDI Ion Cannon Control superweapon.
- Sonic Repulsive Field, AP Ammo, Tungsten AA Shells, EMP Grenades, Hardpoints and Orbital Strike will be attempted.

Steel Talons changes:
- Following new units to be in this faction: Talon, MRT, Wolverine, Titan, Sandstorm, Shockwave, Behemoth, Combat Engineer, Orca Minigunner, Mastodon.
- AP Ammo, Tungsten AA Shells, Hardpoints and Orbital Strike will be attempted.
- Riflemen will no longer Dig In foxholes. MRTs will no longer set mines. The Combat Engineer will now have the Dig In, Set Mine and Set Booby Trap abilities as well as healing vehicles around its short radius . As for the MRT, that vehicle will now have a new ability to heal infantry around its short radius.

Zocom changes:
- Following new units to be in this faction: Armadillo, Spartan, Zone Defender, Zone Raider, Zone Orca, MARV.
- Zone Shatterer now has its overload beam ability working.
- Zone Predator (with rocket upgrades), Zone Juggernaut and Zone Stalker will be buildable for this faction. The Zone Stalker replaces the Commando
- Tiberium Field Suits, AP Ammo, Tungsten AA Shells, Ceramic Armor, Supersonic Air Attack and Orbital Strike will be attempted.

Nod/Marked of Kane changes:
- Following new units to be in the Nod faction: Reckoner, Specter, Redeemer
- Following new units to be in the MOK faction: Awakened, Enlightened, Tiberium Trooper, Avenger Tank, Cyborg Reaper, Cyborg Commando, Reckoner, Specter, Redeemer. Mantis and Purifier temporarily buildable to this faction.
- Magnetic Mines, Tiberium Vein Detonation, Laser Fencing, Cybernetic Legs, Quad Turrets, Tiberium Core Missiles, Super-Charged Particle Beam and Purifying Flame will be attempted.
- EMP Blast abilities working for Awakened and Enlightened.
- Confessor Cabal will be buildable in the NOD faction. Hallucinogenic Grenades ability working.
- Confessor Upgrade will be replaced by Black Disciples.
- Banshee will be buildable for all NOD factions.
- NOD V-Ox Transport and Carryall will be buildable for all NOD factions.
- Commando can now set C4s to all ground vehicles.
- Redeemer can now set its rage generator working. It may need a buff on its effect.
- Vertigo has its Disruption Pod working but only on the ground, not attach to units.
- Laser Fencing, Tiberium Vein Detonation, Tiberium Core Missiles, and Purifying Flame will be attempted.
- Modified Nod Turret will be in the MOK faction and other units are already in those factions. Banshee and Armageddon Bomber will be buildable for all Nod factions as a tier-4 unit. For my decision, the Black Hand sub-faction will not be in this mod due to a technical issue for the skirmish as the game crashed for unknown reasons. Either the Confessor, Black Hand or some other unit/structure codings prevent the faction to work. As of now, Manta and Purifier will be temporarily be put into the MOK faction.

Scrin/Reaper-17/Traveler-59 changes:
- Following new units to be in this Scrin faction: Ravager, Manta
- Following new units to be in this Reaper-17 faction: Shard Walker, Mechapede, Reaper Tripod, Ravager, Mantis.
- Following new units to be in this Traveler-59 faction: Ravager, Cultists, Prodigy, Mantis
- Scrin Ion Storm and Shock Swarm support powers and the Manta unit is usable for all Scrin factions.
- The Attenuated Forcefields upgrade will be usable for only the Scrin faction.
- Ichor Seed and Overlord's Wrath will be attempted for the Scrin.
- Mothership will now be buildable from the Gravity Stabilizer (for all Scrin factions) instead from the support power summoned from the Signal Transmitter.
- Ichor Seed, Blue Shards, Shard Launchers and Overlord's Wrath will be attempted for Reaper-17.
- Temporal Wormhole, Advanced Articulators, Traveler Engines and Overlord's Wrath will be attempted for Traveler-59.
- Life-Form Plant and Terraforming Nexus will be buildable for Traveler-59..
- Modified Growth Accelerator will be buildable for Reaper-17 and Traveler-59.
- Ravagers can use the Tiberium Agitation ability to destroy a unit or structure with Tiberium.
- Eradicator can transport itself to another area without the need of a Mastermind or Prodigy garrison.
- All vehicles for the Traveler-59 faction will now have shields without the Forcefield upgrade.

Other Changes:
-- Added Bulldog, Light Tank, Mammoth Tank (remodelled) and Glorfindel to the Mutant Hovel. More will be explained later.
-- Added Garage, Hospital, Observation Tower and Oil Derrick tech structures into the mod.
-- Added Shogun Executioner into the mod as a neutral unit.
-- Power plant upgrades will no longer require tier 2. However build time increased to 15s. This is to fix the issue(s) to new factions that were unable to get in new upgrades.
-- Added experience values to all sub-factions units and structures.
-- New unit abilities from KW are 95% finished. (still missing Shadow Squad ability with Specters)
-- New upgrades and support powers from KW are 20% finished.
-- Currently creating eight 8-player skirmish maps that are WIP. Release date to be determined.
-- Finished packaging CNC4 and RA3 Uprising art packs. Release for CNC4 and RA3 art packs will be in October.

Bugs and Issues to be fixed:
-- Nod Turret needs textures when built and when destroyed. (already fixed)
-- Death animations for C&C4 units need some work due to missing codings. (except the Mastodon)
-- Tire treads need to be moving for the Spartan and Armadillo.
-- Moving animation for the Mutant Ironback and GDI Mastodon need some work.

Current changes that won't work under this mod due to coding incompatibilities:
-- Infantry garrisoning epic units to gain additional weapons or abilities
-- MARV to collect Tiberium and collect credits when sweeping on them
-- Eradicator effect on gaining a fraction of credits when friendly units destroy enemies near the Eradicator's ring of support
-- Mechapede using a wiggle animation effect when moving on the battlefield
-- Engineer to make a complete three-second delay before capturing all types of structures
-- Dynamic Draw coding responsible for collapsing a structure or unit when destroyed
-- Redemption, Decoy Temple and Railgun Accelerator support powers as well as the Conversion Reserves upgrade

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When do you think you'd be able to release 1.0?

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When it's done.

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