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Report to CHOAM Interplanetary Commerce and Trade Regulation Board Our ongoing observation of Harkonnen activities on Arrakis continues. We have several new developments to report.

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Mentat Intel Report [10172.1 A.G.]

Report to CHOAM Interplanetary Commerce and Trade Regulation Board

Our ongoing observation of Harkonnen activities on Arrakis continues. We have several new developments to report.


Many reports have been circulating about a Harkonnen flying unit which has been terrorizing outlying Fremen and Arrakeen towns on the outskirts of their territories. New images of the Harkonnen Gunship have been obtained that show a heavily armed ornithopter craft more than capable of battlefield harassment.

This air unit is lightly armored - unusual for any Harkonnen war machine - but it more than makes up for this deficiency with its profusion of machine flechette guns and light ground/air missiles. Its unique wing construction allows it to hover like a dragonfly and the rocket boosters on its back give it nimble speed.


One of our deep desert observers noticed this Harkonnen Carryall with a full Harvester attached fleeing from on of Arrakis' legendary sandstorms, which blow electrically charged sand at speeds approaching 500 km/h, destroying most unprotected machinery and personnel in the open desert. The most severe of these, the Coriolis storm, can blow up to 700 km/h and is said to eat flesh from the bone and then etch the bones to slivers.

But whereever there is spice mining there must be a base of operations nearby. We tracked the craft back to its source and discovered one of the highly secretive Harkonnen Refinery complexes.

This facility can have two Harvesters at a time delivered for unloading by Carryalls. The raw Spice is processed and the refined Melange is packaged and crated to be picked up by orbital shuttles on the rooftop landing pad.


We've also, through a stroke of luck, obtained an almost pristine Harkonnen Dragon Tank. Apparently the crew of the tank overindulged in some local Spice beer, allowing some of our agents to steal their vehicle. Sadly the soldiers were dealt with rather harshly by their commanders, what's left of the bodies are still hanging outside the Carthag garrison post, but we will attempt to smuggle the tank off-planet for analysis on the next Guild Heighliner.

Encryption Channel 314159 ~ Authorization sent ...REPORT ENDS...


New Hires

We're also very pleased to announce the addition of several new team members.

Evgenij Myasnikov is joining us as a concept artist and modeler.

Emma Neesham is joining us as a modeler/animator.

Joe Carney is joining us as a modeler/animator.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into the development of Dune: War of the Spice. To track our work, please use the buttons at the bottom of this post. We aim to post regular monthly updates as we have new work to show.

Dune: War of the Spice is a new fully original Real Time Strategy game loosely based on the Dune novels of Frank Herbert and following in the footsteps of such games as Emperor: Battle for Dune and Dune II: Building of a Dynasty. The game follows the exploits and conflict between the three Great Houses of the Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos in their fierce battle for power and control of the Imperium, as well as a number of Subhouses that try to use the conflict to their own advantage.

We’ve been concentrating on the Harkonnen faction for the time being and hope to add new art for the others as our output increases, we’re always on the look-out for talented 2D and 3D artists to contribute. For information on joining the project please click here.

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Creative way of introducing new stuff. Looks great!

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Good work :D

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DreamOo - - 51 comments

ohh yeah, you did it

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