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Time for another update, this month we bring many bugfixes and stats saving when playing a singleplayer match!

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December Update

We've just released our sixth patch! The biggest feature this time is the stats working in single player, lots of you asked for it. As of now it still requires a connection to Steam for technical reasons but you don't have to make a private server anymore to get the progression running.

We've also fixed a lot of low-level stability issues. We'll very likely post another patch this month, fixing the issues with gunships/fighters physics freezing and desyncing but it needs some further internal testing. If you think we're doing a good job, don't forget to vote for us in the IOTY competition! Every vote helps.

Updates this patch

  • News piece in main menu is now automatically pulled from Steam announcements
  • Singleplayer games should now read and save stats progress
  • Fixed AI failing after servertravel
  • Fixed a crash on exiting the game while in a vehicle
  • Fixed various issues in tutorial and added key prompts to tutorial triggers
  • Fixed deployed shieldturret team settings
  • Fixed vehicle inventory rollout and selection on clients
  • Fixed vehicle uprighting and interaction prompt
  • Fixed turret weapon stall when AI tried to change firemodes at a bad time
  • Fixed duplicated audio in briefings
  • Reduced radio chirp and milnet message received sounds
  • Reduced S77 spread
  • Rebalanced spaceship shield healths and countermeasure timings
  • Adjusted lead location calcs to compensate for barrel locations (eg. Huginn ion)
  • Reduced detpack radius
  • Enabled EVR underslung mod slot and removed a body slot
  • Adjusted geometry around Irega Phase 3 Elevator objectives
  • Various performance improvements in HUD, AI and spaceship physics
  • Minor adjustments to first-person weapon visual recoil
  • Adjusted Hare and Silverback handling with more grip and less torque

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