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New Playtest with stability improvements, additional polishing, balance changes and SURPRISE: copy & paste in the map editor!

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We received some great feedback on our Halloween playtest, and have been hard at work over the last two weeks fixing the issues that have been reported. Thanks to everyone who has tried the playtest and reported bugs or other feedback!

We are now happy enough with the stability and integration of all the new features to mark today’s new playtest build as the first release candidate for our upcoming December release. We encourage you to give this release a good try out, especially if you like to play competitively online, because if we don’t hear your balance complaints now then you will be stuck with them for the next few months until our next release! You can report any issues you have by filing a bug or joining our IRC channel.

This release fixes several general issues, including:

  • Fixed a hang when exiting the game under Windows
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the color validator to be bypassed
  • Fixed Battlefield News never updating for some players
  • Improved polish and integration of the global chat channel

Fixes for the Dune 2000 mod include:

  • Fixed repair depots not repairing units, and buffed repair rate
  • Fixed missing unit crates
  • Fixed incorrect unit armor / damage statistics
  • Improved behaviour of Spice Blooms
  • Improved behaviour of Thumpers and Worms
  • Tweaked support power timers and Ornithoper Strike damage

We further iterated the Red Alert mod balance:

  • Fixed units not targeting enemy units under the fog when GPS is available
  • Reduced Spy Power Plant infiltration power-outage time to 20 seconds
  • Improved the speed, sight, and passenger count of England’s Phase Tank
  • Improved the cooldown between jumps for Germany’s Chrono Tank
  • Improved Russia’s Tesla Tank by allowing them to attack while moving
  • Fixed M.A.D. Tanks destroying trees
  • Fixed several issues in the single player missions

The Tiberian Dawn mod received some fixes too:

  • Fixed Visceroids spawning when infantry are crushed
  • Fixed issues with the C&C64 - GDI01 and Nod05 missions
  • Improved the Nod delivery plane landing animation

As usual, you can find the installer for your operating system on our download page!

Editor copy/paste

Surprise bonus feature! Copy/paste is now available in the map editor.

The second Big Team Tournament concluded yesterday, and was a huge success. Two teams of 11 players battled over the last week to a 30—30 tie. The tie was resolved with a final battle between the two team captains, which ended with a decisive victory for Team Kyrylo!

Replays for all 61 tournament matches are available here (summary), and the first batch of archived live-streams can be found on hamb’s YouTube page. Games from FiveAces’ and SoScared’s streams will be exported and uploaded in the coming days.

Thank you to all of our players, our fantastic live streamers FiveAces, SoScared and Hamb, and to everyone who watched the streams and participated in the live chats on Mumble and IRC!

Valherran - - 2,444 comments

Aw whoops, I forgot to test out Dune 2000 on this. I'll check this out again with the new changes when able.

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Olku_ - - 2,075 comments

"Fixed units not targeting enemy units under the fog when GPS is available" Are they automaticly targeting enemy units or i can target them myself? I know you had to use control key to shoot enemies in the fog

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php_bg - - 107 comments

They automatically aquire targets. You can force-fire (control+click) to pick a different target.

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Olku_ - - 2,075 comments

So artillery will be firing automatically into fog now when i have gps without force-firing?

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php_bg - - 107 comments


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ApornasPlanet - - 4,121 comments

A problem is that SoScared and FiveAces etc only play the releases and doesn't bother with the playtests. For example it took you ages to nerf shocktroopers even though FiveAces hade called them OP ages ago.

If you wanna adjust balance it would probably be a good idea to watch FiveAces casts because he comments on balance whenever it's ann issue.

Dunno if you have fixed transport helicopters sight radius yet but that was an issue among others.

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GraionDilach - - 451 comments

They do bother with the playtests though. That super long tournament last week or around was running on the Halloween playtest.

hamb and r34ch pretty much took control of the balance direction during this dev cycle, which resulted with that many changes balancewise in the RA mod.

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php_bg - - 107 comments

We actually have at least one person from the dev team (usually that's me) following their streams. And we *are* getting feedback on the balance from them.
Also they actually did a fair bit of testing on both playtests on their streams, and that encouraged others to try it as well. The night this playtest got out SoScared was doing an unscheduled stream for something completely different on the release, but that quickly turned into 15 people playing on the playtest ;)

Transport helicopter sight range was decreased as per player feedback.

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SeriousToni - - 626 comments

Copy & Paste I like the most :)

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