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Darkness Within postponed due to manpower shortage !

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hello followers and community brothers,

Although i intended to make a first release of Darkness Within for December this year it seems that once more we are enduring another crisis.

My partner Argonaut has been remaining silent and missing (not giving any news nor visiting our forums) since more than a month now.
We have suffered such an break and it lasted for months, so with more than a month (in fact nearly 2) without any significant work done, a December release is impossible, and i wont release an incomplete first part of the campaign whatever people say. it would be like a book without the last chapter !! no way !

Our beta testers have done a great job and really helped us, and believe me debugging campaign is very frustrating (ask Gunfood, Godlike_power and Gambit....) and respect of their hard work commands me to keep going.

So, i decided to start coding the last of book One mission by myself and postpone any release until it is completed, it will take some time before completion.
if a skilled scar coder is ready to replace Argonaut and take the coding lead he is more than welcome.

Remember that this project needs dedication, passion and a team spirit, it is really something that can be exhausting, that what campaign modding truly is.

Darkness Within is something very unique in the DoW scene and i do believe, given how the mods bounce us in the top 100 of mods at modDb popularity ladder each time i release a important news that interest is not what we are lacking.
what i'm missing now is manpower and a real dev team that can propel this mod toward a public release.

thanks for you support and patience, and please accept my apologies for any frustration resulting from this delay.


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EvilIsador - - 152 comments

Hey Jaguar-Lord,

Don't you read your PM's? I wrote one.
I wan't to replace Argonaut as your scar coder. If I'm not skilled enough, then say it please.

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jONES1979 - - 2,368 comments

Gunfood, Godlike and Gambit.


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