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Debris 1.1 - The Ice Update Hey everyone! Thanks again for all the post-launch feedback and we’re very excited to announce our first update. We’ve tried to address as many things as possible, but we’re still working on more to come. Lots new features and fixes:

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Brand new ice shader and smoothed ice

This is a big one. We’re finally releasing our transparency-having, refraction-doing ice shader. To see the new shader, update and make sure you’re on the Fantastic quality setting (unfortunately this is PC-only). We’ve also re-surfaced all the ice geometry in the game, getting rid of some bothersome reversed normals and other artifacts along the way. You’ll have the new geometry on any quality setting on Mac & PC.

Revised creature movement

We’ve done a complete pass on creature animations and they should be swimming smoothly and attacking accurately. We’ve also adjusted movement and attack speeds for creatures, so stay vigilant under the ice!

Balance changes

We’ve made a few tweaks to make the game more intuitive while keeping it challenging. These changes include moving around debris caches, adjusting creature damage and health, and even relighting some sequences.

…and lots more!

  • A bunch of performance optimizations
  • Fix for a bug where your camera spins around if you have a controller plugged while using the keyboard
  • Updated the player’s field of view to help reduce motion sickness
  • Support for new resolutions including Ultra Wide (21:9)
  • Squid AI pathing and movement updates
  • Support for left-handed players (I,J,K,L,U for now)
  • Fix for players who could swim through debris and dead fish

Thanks everyone for your support at launch and as always let us know if you have any feedback either here or in the discussion forums! Also, we’re still hard at work on co-op and hope to have it out soon!

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