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Yes, today is the scheduled release date, but unfortunately I have to postpone the release a week due power outages and the late addition of a potentially very cool new feature. But I will give a rundown of the plan for next Saturday's release...

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I know this isn't much of an update but I hate missing deadlines, so I wanted to let everyone know what was going on. Thanks to some mid July thunderstorms I have been without power for a while, and thus was unable to work on the mod on Thursday and Friday, thus I am postponing the deadline until next Saturday.

But good news is upcoming too, as I have just secured permission to utilize a very interesting mod (known as the Freespace RTS mod) which allows the use of RTS style features in Freespace 2, which means the player can switch between any fighter/bomber and then to command mode for the battle where they can direct squadrons, cruisers, and have complete control over their fleet's engagement tactics. This is another reason the release is delayed as I would like to try and incorporate this mod into The Original Trilogy Mod, but it will take a few days to play with it. Just to be upfront and honest though there are no guarantees on this feature.

Looking Ahead...
The plan for next Saturday's release is to provide a public beta, where you are all free to test and modify and to blow up as many TIE's and Rebels as you want. As you test the mod, let me know what works, what to change, and what else you may like to see in the mod. I greatly value your feedback and will do my best to incorporate your input into future releases. The goal is to create a community feedback model where your voice and ideas can be heard and incorporated, furthermore you can informally join the team to modify and contribute to the overall progression of the mod (however much or little you want).

One tidbit I won't fully disclose until the release is the unique mission style this mod will utilize. What I sill say now is that it will not be conventional FS2 linear and repetitive missions, but something a bit more dynamic...

If you have any questions please comment or PM, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks again for the support everyone!


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