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Dead Years Update 1.0. This is a quick pre-demo update about cool new features that are now in game! You will be able to: -Scavenge tons of items and loot almost everything you see. -Play as the dog and do special unique quests with him/her -To see the day/night cycle that will be in the demo and the final game!

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Hey everyone, what's up!

Quick update on Dead Years! As we get closer and closer to the (free!) demo launch, a lot of pretty cool features are getting added to the game.

First you will be able to loot/scavenge almost every small/medium sized objects you see in the game. You will also be able to use these items later on to craft, heal yourself and to sell/trade with other survivors.

The dog:
Your dog will be much much more than an AI companion. You will be able to play as the dog. So you can either play in team mode or switch to your companion. Some of the cool features will include doing quests that can only be completed by the dog, sneaking inside groups of enraged without being seen and scouting ahead, by running super fast :)

Day/Night cycle:
Some of you might have already seen it but the game will have a full day/night cycle. Here are some screens taken early in the afternoon, in the evening and late at night! And yes, it will have a big impact on the game as some events will only happen at certain periods of the day etc!




That's it for now,
Cheers, we'll update you guys again soon :)

Lyot - - 75 comments

Doing great. Keep up the good work.

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DeadYears Author
DeadYears - - 13 comments

Thanks, @Lyot! Keep being awesome:)

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NicolasLee - - 74 comments

Love it! You guys are awesome.

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DeadYears Author
DeadYears - - 13 comments

Thank you Finnius! (You're awesome too! :P) Many new features coming up soon!

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Looking good, tracking.

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