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There have been a long break on this mod let me explain what is going on.

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I can remember we have been here before... May 24th 2015 I created a thread on a world war 1 mod.
It got hyped and got shot trough the roof! And here we are, after 2 years still hyped but nothing released.
My apologies, for not giving anything but a mod page to look at.

But of course its not all bad news!!!!!
In two years Brent and I have learned a lot, like more then you can imagine. Not just on the modding front but on the visual, software and knowledge front.
In two years a lot can change, I have actually a 3 week vacation haven't had any in 2 years due my work.
Also I have more free time now, and on that note we are willing to pick the mod up again!
But only on these terms!
We start from scratch.. Yes really, two years ago I made a account to use as a platform to save all our mod files so it will never be lost here is a picture
17 gigs!! we have so much crap that we start over we know we can do better.
Also we have a new release plan we make two factions:
German empire and republic of France.
Both factions will each have 1 weapon Berthier 1907 and the Gewehr 1898, both factions will have 1 uniform.
The German Alpenjagers and the french Chasseurs Alpins.
That is what I want to give you all soon the Berthier is done, the Gewehr is almost done will be done today.
All the head gear is done for both factions, only the uniforms have to be made. I will write more about the release plan on the next update tomorrow!

EHOlz - - 5 comments

The pictures looked really promising.. So all the Cars and Planes won´t be released? I mean can you still release everything that you have, the unfinished map and the cars the REALLY cool guns, I don´t care if they are broken or unplayable. I t would be a waste just to throw these things away... I really hoped for the artillery guns, because they would fit to other scenarions too.

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hellceaser2 Author
hellceaser2 - - 77 comments

Have no worries! It will all come, but just not in our first release.
We are taking smaller steps.
I will post a road map soon!

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RockyBrown - - 231 comments

Can't you release the old stuff so people won't leave after all the hype? I've been waiting for a release for soo only to see this... If your guns, uniforms, maps and content work, why not just give us something that you have instead of leaving us waiting forever again?

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hellceaser2 Author
hellceaser2 - - 77 comments

A lot is not functional in game and there is no map to play on.

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EHOlz - - 5 comments

I really dont care if they are unfinished or not functional

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hellceaser2 Author
hellceaser2 - - 77 comments

What would you do with them then? There is really nothing to it.

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