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Well here it is, we are at the end of the week. We've worked hard and tried our best, and we want to see what you think now.

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So this is all depends on when ModDB authorize this article, but it should roughly be approved just as the week is up, which means that you will be missing out on some updated media but hey maybe that's a good thing and you will be surprised when you start the mod up and hop into online.

We now have deployables such as a barrier and possibly a turret (depending on how this last day goes), a wide selection of basic maps (most still with Dev textures but we are trying!) but we hope this goes to show you both how far we can come in a week, but also the power of having a great community.

Here's the final media batch to be posted as news before JLea packages up everything we have and releases it to you all. Expect it in the next 24 hours. I may also get JLea to write a little summary of how his week has been as he's been working an incredible amount on this. We'll see.

Generator Model by Socram Janooba's Space Map Jucy Pony's Stair World Jucy Pony's Stair World GameDev's Map JLea's Healer Snood_1990's Turrets Snood_1990's Energy Launcher Snood_1990's Energy Launcher Deploy Tool - Hawt Koffee A Minigun - Samuelgames

Detnaite - - 303 comments

I cant wait for the download!

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

looks good for a weeks work.

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xalener - - 1,605 comments

Will there be continued tweaking after the release?

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CakeMaster7 - - 501 comments

I've talked to the main developer and he said that we WILL be updating after release to balance and fix any problems. He also stated we will attempt to get on Steamworks.

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