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v4,4 Enforced Edition got its last hotfix +++ to celebrate New Year's Eve!

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Special new in v4.4 (Enforced Edition)

DarthMod Shogun Screenshots

Version 4.4+++ (31/12/2012)

  • Amazing new melee mechanics. Enough said.
  • Naval BAI heading to the borders of the map bug should be completely fixed.
  • Boarders have less attack/defence bonuses so that they are not too powerful.
  • Better missile lethality balance (affects every projectile).
  • CAI should build much less light ships.

Version 4.4++ (14/12/2012)

  • Many optimizations & fixes for Land and Naval battles according to feedback (Naval bugs, Morale issues, Mass settings, Lethality settings etc.) The mod should be now optimised as most of you requested.

Version 4.4+ (9/12/2012)

  • Fixed bug that made battles to crash when Otomo Generals participated.
  • Naval parameters adjustments that should repair the last naval battle issues that were reported.
  • "Oda-Togugawa Alliance" and "Oda Boost" submods had to be removed because they created problems after the latest CA patch (affects only Launcher version of the mod).
    For those using the Launcher: You must uninstall the previous version before you install this! It is full save game compatible.

Version 4.4 (4/12/2012)

  • Adapted fully for the latest CA patch/Otomo DLC and has fixed sounds.
  • New melee/mass settings for even more cinematic and challenging battles.
  • Naval formations reverted to official CA settings and this should correct the only known issue of DarthMod (AI ships stacking to the borders of the battle map). Need feedback about this.
  • For the Launcher version of the mod, the installer can now automatically trace where your game is installed via Steam.

Unless there is not a new CA patch or a critical bug reported,
this will be the last edition of DarthMod: Shogun II.

The SteamWork version is updated automatically and is ready for you to play GET IT!


You can download the Launcher version from ModDB

DarthMod: Shogun II v4.4

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Note: Uninstall previous Launcher version before installing this new
(It is full save game compatible)


I wonder what the "Amazing new melee mechanics. Enough said." means.

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It means you get new amazing melee mechanics, so rainbows coming out of speartips.

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looking great :D

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"Boarders have less attack/defence bonuses so that they are not too powerful." Thank you so much for that right there, hate how board-happy the AI can be and it's nice to know they won't slaughter me with that tactic anymore.

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