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So it’s been more than a month since our last patch and I must say, we have fixed quite a few bugs and added some nice features that should make for a well-balanced update to the game. As a proof of our progresses, here is our first official trailer after nine months of really hard work. Also keep reading if you wanna know more about the direction Darkout development is taking, things look very promising!

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Darkout Open Beta 1.1 Trailer:

It has also been a while since we went into the Initial release state, and it seems that our vision of ‘initial release’ and everyone in the community differs a bit in the naming and we’d like to take this opportunity to address that and a few other things that we are doing/planning for the future.When we started Darkout almost 2 years ago there was Minecraft, and Terraria had just been freshly launched on Steam. At that stage doing a release of the game in a very basic state and adding more content as we develop made sense since we had no budget or other way of sustaining the development for too long unless we had money coming in.Naturally this meant that the game would be in no way complete when we ‘launched’ the initial state of it. But, and here’s the misstep… when we did finally get to that stage and opened up the game to the world, we should have called it ‘open beta’ instead of ‘initial release’ even though they are one and the same thing in the development model we had chosen. That model in itself also became a little bit of a hurdle because by then everyone and their uncle had decided to jump on the Sandbox game genre bandwagon and ‘clones’ of Minecraft/terraria were being revealed everywhere (you know, the only games in history not allowed or ‘possible’ to be improved upon… like say doom was with quake, unreal 1-1000 etc…)Anyway, I digress. So, we have decided that to rectify this and show that we are in no way perfect (I know, shocker :) ) but ultimately still awesome :P we are dropping the price of the game until such time as Multiplayer comes out in a few months.

Let’s face it, MP is going to require some MAJOR testing, major, and we are still going to deliver the content we promised.So with the price cut we have also revamped our logo a bit, made a new trailer, and for all those who have purchased the game up to this point we will also deliver the Soundtrack with its bonus tracks. Naturally once MP is released that will be an automatic update for anyone who already bought the game.Now we only have control over our sales on Desura, and though we can drop the price through our distributor ‘Kiss Ltd’ (on Amazon, Greenman, etc.) we will only be able to offer the extra goodies mentioned to those who have purchased the game on Desura, or can provide proof of purchase when requesting said goodies from us via our accounts[at] e-mail. We will then help you create an account on our system which will contain the soundtrack.We believe strongly in the game that we are creating and my team and I spend countless hours toiling away working on new features, Multiplayer, and community driven requests and bug fixes. All this effort is paying off in that we can see a definite improvement in the game from just looking at the trailers and reading the feedback from the community and testers.With our push towards Multiplayer we also sourly need your support to get on Steam via Greenlight. Desura has been great to us so far, but if we want to continue making games after Darkout, the way we want to make them, then we do need to get onto the biggest digital distribution platform for games out there, Steam. Hopefully with all of you telling your friends, uncles, their friends, uncles and distant cousins along with whomever they may possibly know, we can get there! :) We only need about 40K more votes! Haha! It’s insane, but other games have done it and so can we.I would just like to thank everyone for backing us thus far, without you we would not even be working on Multiplayer and Darkout would never have seen the light coming at the end of a very long dark tunnel :)

Adrian Banninga

Patch 1.1 Notes:

  • Added new Datalogs
  • Added new menu option to quick select the last character and world played
  • Added a missing menu image which was causing a crash when going to the control options menu
  • Fixed metal barrels so that they are placeable
  • Changed mining a tile to give random 1-3 ore
  • Added selection for base suit color when creating a new character
  • Added quantity information to crafting menu to show how many individual items are crafted per recipe
  • Added world seed number to game save data
  • Added keybind to ‘F10′ to display the world seed number on screen (only for newer worlds that actually have the value saved)
  • Added camera lock option to game options
  • Added the new and improved tutorial back into the game
  • Added new info display when hovering over world terrain. Currently will tell you the name of the resource that your mouse is over assuming that you have collected it at least once
  • Changed arrows so that they can stick into walls
  • Added new moving planet effect in background layers
  • Fixed issues with harvesting and resource collection targeting
  • Added smashable crates
  • Changed event chests so that they do not spawn on player-placed tiles
  • Changed event chests so that they are now destroyed with weapons
  • Added some new sound effects
  • Fixed objects placed on tables to render and interact correctly
  • Fixed advanced torch so that it is placeable underwater
  • Changed sled size and lighting
  • Added different container inventory sizes
  • Fixed issue with research queue full messages
  • Added toggle options for player health bar and resource tooltips
  • Added graphics toggle for volumetric lighting
  • Fixed setting key binds for mining and show/hide HUD
  • Fixed wrong return quantity when recycling items
  • Added screenshot format from the options to save in the commonConfig.xml file
  • Fixed stacking items in equip slots
  • Fixed the game freezing when mining back walls
  • Updated frames for the rifle run animation
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to place any items after exiting to the main menu and loading a new game
  • Fixed empty container pickup bug
  • Fixed tool swapping issue
  • Fixed torch energy consumption to pause when the game pauses
  • Fixed melee fighting target selection
  • Fixed enemies to allow them to run past platforms
  • Added key binding
  • Fixed the highlights for quantities when reloading the crafting window
  • Added door sounds
  • Fire arrows emit light and burn when they stick into terrain
  • Removed silent stretches in some sounds
  • Changed ambient occlusion effect to be more dense
  • Fixed cable placement
  • Fixed guns continuously firing when the mouse is release over the HUD
  • Changed player health bar colors
  • Added number displays for damage and research point gains
  • Fixed game window focus change to check the cursor payload for items being dragged
  • Changed dust volumetric mask to be slightly less dense
  • Added power need for sled nodes to use the portable power device
  • Fixed firefly collection to only give fireflies 5-10 times from a source
  • Changed crafting window to open the first item entry in a catagory in the info display when a catagory is selected
  • Changed cave plants light emission
  • Re-balanced player health
  • Fixed last player/world cache to save properly when exiting to main menu
  • Fixed instant craft queue icon not being cleared when inventory is full and item was dropped into the world
  • Added new healthbar backgrounds
  • Fixed sound reset when exiting to the main menu
  • Added new item: Coal Tar
  • Fixed refresh for crafting quantities after parts update
  • Changed tar damage to 2% of the player’s maximum health
  • Fixed game pause to prevent entering numbers in crafting
  • Fixed enemy healthbar to hide properly with the HUD is toggled or ESC is pressed
  • Fixed “Controls” option button reset on resolution change
  • Fixed sleep position on the metal bed
  • Fixed world seed box allowing negative values
  • Changed scrolling message display alignment from center to left
  • Added Flash Bomb and Pipe Bomb
  • Fixed an issue with improper player health loss and level
  • Fixed an issue with player level-up from crafting
  • Added SignalCable (used to hook up buttons to motors and other devices)
  • Random crates have a 10% chance to explode when you destroy them
  • Fixed wrong message on character remove
  • Fixed issue with maximum world seed
  • Fixed issue with world seed input box disappearing at wrong time
  • Fixed active tool bar cycle to only cycle when the mouse is over the tool bar or it’s not over an open GUI
  • Fixed updating of ‘NEW’ indicator if construction completes with crafting menu open
  • Changed the size of the resource overlay display
  • Fixed an error with player health bar displaying when it’s not selected to show
  • Fixed item recycle GUI to not open a window when there is nothing to recycle
  • Fixed the red glow when removing a suit body piece
  • Fixed an issue with platforms near the player preventing the use of tools
  • Changed torches so that the player cannot place them while fighting or an enemy is in range
  • Changed world load to reset player stats to base values
  • Fixed issue with disappearing doors and floating grass
  • Fixed player regeneration cycles to start and stop with game pause
  • Fixed player interaction while landing on a sled after flying
  • Fixed player position on sled
  • Adjusted random event drop chances
  • Fixed motor placement issue
  • Changed player health regeneration timers and fixed regeneration from multiple sources
  • Fixed an issue with wired devices not getting powered when wiring everything into a power source at once
  • Fixed issues with enemies ignoring line of sight for various attacks and movement
  • Changed sled menu graphics

Moved and added the following items to Data relic blueprints (you will need to hunt for these):

  • Laser gun
  • Sonic Drill
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Platinum Sword (pre-requisite for Titanium Sword)
  • Modulator (Rare)
  • Sparkplug (Rare)
  • All MK3 Armour pieces
  • Illunitebar
  • Adamentine
  • Portable Light Post
  • Fusion Device
  • All Syringes except Small Healing
  • Booster Boots
  • Extraction table
  • Aqua Pack
  • Incendiary Bullet (Rare-ish)
  • TarCoal (for those days when you need some tar but only have coal) (Rare)
  • Pipe Bomb
  • EM Light boost (equip in your item slot next to player suite and this will
Hugabooga - - 4 comments

That wall of text is very large. (Probably just an oversight when posting, but I had to point it out. :P)

I am glad that you guys have made it this far in development, to be honest the only reason I purchased the game awhile ago was because someone linked it in a random forum post. When I saw it back then, I thought "what the hell, I will buy it for the lulz." Come around to now, I realize that the actual reason I bought it was as sort of an investment, to fund what could be an awesome game to come.

Sure the game still has A LOT of development to go until its released, and hopefully more development after release, but so far I am very content with what has been done. Adding onto that, since I purchased the game before open beta, there is even being an extra bonus thrown in. You guys developing this are awesome, not only for giving some things away, but for developing this game for up to 2 years, and hopefully more to come.

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JesusFabre Author
JesusFabre - - 69 comments

HUGE thanks for your support from the team!

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Bermuda01 - - 43 comments

the only thing i need now is male character creation :)

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JesusFabre Author
JesusFabre - - 69 comments

It will come :)
Take a look at our last newsletter:

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kaytana - - 4 comments

Still working on optimization I hope. I really want to play but it doesn't run smooth enough on my laptop for me to even get through the tutorial.

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