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Now with breeder nudge, spider glow, teleporter climbing, and several important bug fixes...

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Darkness 1.4 brings some important features from the original Gloom:

  • Spider glow--only visible to the player using it, useful for navigating very dark places
  • Engineers can spawn teleporters in walls and climb on them
  • Breeders can "nudge" (push) obstacles and spikers by running into them holding the USE key

Darkness 1.4 also fixed some important bugs:

  • End-game criteria fixed so that destroying all teleporters/humans actually ends the map
  • Mine lasers fixed
  • Stalker spike damage reduced
  • Mech plasma damage reduced
  • Healer rate decreased
  • Stacked entities will fall to the ground as expected, rather than floating in the air
  • Help Hint HUD size increased
  • Hatchy/Kami grapple speed increased
  • Mech plasma/burn sound removed due to sound looping problem

With these bugs out of the way, expect more maps and models in the next release: The old Gloom community is still thriving, and I've found mappers and modelers to help out with Darkness!

Windows users can grab the installer here:
Linux users can use this one:

Happy hunting!

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