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This release addresses some important feature additions and bug fixes that help make Darkness feel a little more like the original Gloom mod...

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Darkness 1.3 includes the following changes:

  • Laser tripwire mines
  • In-Game help menu
  • Power shields for Exterminator and Engineer can be toggled
  • Faster spikers
  • Geofusion map updated to include more basic structures
  • Mech plasma and Stinger fire now interpolated (looks less choppy)
  • FGD file updated
  • Fixed bug that caused some human structures to self-destruct if placed by the mapper

Like 1.2, this release includes support for Windows, Linux as both clients and dedicated servers. European players will be happy to know that there is now a German Dedicated Server up! It's not running 1.3 yet, but check back in a few days.

For people who are interested in where this mod is going, here's a roadmap I've been working on (feedback welcome):

Release 1.4:

  • Stalker crushes other players if he falls on them
  • Breeder can nudge structures if holding crouch/use when running into them
  • Engineer mine-jumping
  • Engineer teleporter climbing
  • Spider Glow
  • Add Wraith class
  • Add Medic class (shotgun or flaregun?)
  • Explicit server/client version check

Release 1.5:

  • Fix specator mode
  • Fix Guardian infested corpses so that they can only be created on human bodies
  • Better textures for custom player models
  • At least 2 more maps
  • Fix player animations
  • HUD improvements

Release 1.6+:

  • New spider models that actually look like spiders (need modeler)
  • New weapon models/sounds (need modeler)
  • Better sounds, not just HL-2 stuff
  • Better Steam integration
  • More maps

If anyone has suggestions for the roadmap, please let me know!

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