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My Dark Mod FM Patently Dangerous was released today. Happy Halloween everybody!

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My Dark Mod FM Patently Dangerous was released today.
Happy Halloween everybody!

"Nobody said hypocrisy didn't have its uses. The Inventor's Guild, always so secretive about its own inventions, isn't beyond a little espionage when it comes to the inventions of others.

They've hired me to steal the design notes from a young man named Soren Rikk, just on the outskirts of the Highlands Ward. He's reputed to have made a huge discovery in a field the Inventors have some interest in.

It should be an easy job. Soren isn't known to be a dangerous person."


- Thanks to my beta-testers: Fidcal for early testing, Broken Arts & Leatherman, and everybody else that gave comments (basically most of the Dark Mod team). Thanks also to alacazam for permission to use his cool ambient.

- Notice there is a map in your inventory. The default key-bind "m" will bring it up.

- There have been some reports of a little slow-down near the start on some systems, but it should pick up after that. If performance is slow for you, some things you could try (in the Settings -> Video menu) are turning Ambient Rendering to Fast, turning AntiAliasing to Off, reducing the Screen Size; and finally turning Full Screen Off (i.e., run in window-mode; make sure if you do that, that the screen-size is equal or less than your monitor's size.)


very impressive!


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