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I've been recoding the damage systems of the game.

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The Armors are devided into these catagories:


Damage into:

Anti fighter/bomber,
Anti corvette,
Anti frigate,
Anti capital

As you might know from the last release the damage system was sort of a mess, so I made the effort to re-balance everything, this is what by example the fighters and bombers damages look like:

Bombers damage:
Bomber, 50% damage
Fighter, 50% damage
Corvette, 40% damage
Frigate, 250% damage
Capital, 150% damage

Fighters damage:
Bomber, 200% damage
Fighter, 100% damage
Corvette, 30% damage
Frigate, 50% damage
Capital 30% damage

These are the fixed damage stats, the others are directed towards classes, the Corvettes, frigates and capitals, are all directed towards one of each class. Anti fighter/bomber has its unique damage type. Like a Capital can be directed for heavy anti corvette duty, while not being stong enough to engage other capitals. Same way around, the Republic has a corvette, the Defender corvette, which is light anti capital ship, which does extra damage vs capital ships, while not being able to destroy fighters and bombers effectively, something that in the normal game a corvette was suppose to do.
The difference between "Light" anti capital and "Heavy" anti capital is the amount of weapon systems on that ship. There are no damage percentage differences between heavy or light anti (X). Using Heavy Anti-Frigate capital ships (for example) can be used VS other capital ships, but it's not recommended, so it's not exactly rock-paper-scissors but still nicely cat and mouse. It makes for fun gameplay, therefor I'll continue perfecting this damage-system style. Things like Heavy anti (X) are usually only higher in the tech tree, so at the start you'll get basic light anti everything, and working up the tech tree, you'll unlock heavier killing machines.

I know you all want to see some more of the ground part, but we're working on it. When will it be doen? When it's done. First I want to get both GC and space to work, but ground is being worked on.

Comment about what you think or if you have any ideas.

TheBiolizard - - 118 comments


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Ignatz - - 427 comments

That's relly good idea. It was painful to watch a couple of X-Wings owning a Star Destroyer in vanilla FoC.

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Namegen - - 4,713 comments

know what is painful is to see my Executor being pawned by 3 Assault Frigates :(

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Guardian14 - - 1,019 comments

I Agree with Ignatz. but are you going to include Starbases in this?

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo - - 6,764 comments

We are, they still need work though.

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FISHMAN_PRIME - - 364 comments

The only issues that could come from this is Having a single bomber squad tear apart a capital ship or a frigate. What kind of damage does a frigate or a capital do to the bombers?

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo - - 6,764 comments

Absolutly not, that is what this system is designed for, to prevent **** like that. Bombers are slow, and capitals are usually equiped with about 2 to 6 anti fighter light laser cannons, just enough to NOT have the imba bomber attack that you could do in regular FoC, but not strong enough to defend a massive wave.

Also, I made the decision to only have 1.5 times as much damage to capitals instead of 2.5, because bombers are a threat to frigates but not as much to capital ships because they are supposed to have heavy armor. And most ships are equiped with atleast some anti fighter lasers, just to make sure you can't just send in 2 bomber squadrons and think they'll finish of the ship.

This forces a way of combat that is realistic to the star wars universe, you have to use large ships to be the backbone, taking the damage and dealing it aswell. Bombers are a great support unit that most of the units will spawn (ofc fighters aswell, always more fighters than bombers) those, and all togather the bombers can do more and precise dps than the larger ships. To support the bombers you need smaller ships, which the capitals then again counter. Also fighters help to defeat the enemy bombers, though on themselves they don't do much dps. It's intregated and complicated but very and as realistic as star wars gets.
As in real war every unit class has it's function, and if you can disable one of the enemys classes you've got a great chance to defeat the enemy, though then again a good unit compostion is key to any battle.

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

nice, i like a more balanced tactical aproach to foc :)

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G3nesis_Prime - - 116 comments

So now that you have done this, when will the updated full release space mod be out?? and when if at all are you doing the land portion?

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