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I have a growing youtube and iTunes series entitled: Daily Dev Talk.
Where I interview game devs, live via Skype (solo or in a group) in 20-30 minutes to learn from them, to build a talent pool for other developers in the world to draw experience, knowledge, stories and inspiration from.

Whether it is their 1st or 100th video game, there are always lessons to share, stories and inspirations for other game devs and for the games industry as a whole.

I ask questions such as:
1) Tell us about the your latest game, and what you wanted the player to experience at the beginning?
2) What was the one big thing you learnt while working on the game?
3) What was the worst thing that happened and how did you overcome it?
3) What advice can you give to aspiring game developers, small indie studios and people trying to get to where you are?

The interview aims to add value by sharing experiences and knowledge with other game devs and providing a pool of experience for people who want to become game devs, who are already devs and for more detailed information for hardcore gamers.
As well as a way for you to get ever more exposure, get your name and game out there.
And, as this is a daily interview there will always be something new to learn and someone new to learn from.

You can see the latest episodes in 1 of 2 places.


Yours Faithfully,

Adrian Nantchev

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