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DaggerHell V1.2 Released. Daggerhell is a Doom 1-2 mod, heavily inspired by Devil Daggers game mechanics and feeling.

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Daggerguy was very happy fighting skulls and bizarre lovecraftnian weirdos in a dark and sisyphean world, but somehow when he fell out of the platform he landed in a different reality, he fell right in the middle of a hell invasion, just before Doomguy.

Bored, with nothing to do, Daggerguy decided that he would kill everything in his way, til he reaches the exit out of this fucking colorful place.

DaggerHell V1.2

Daggerhell 1.2 update includes:
Gameplay tweaks:

- Enemies drop health bonuses (works the same as gems), and have a chance of dropping armor and bigger health packs.

- Damage has been slightly modified.

- Small enemies health raised.

- Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind health raised.

- Higher speed and jump height.

- Health is a lot more limited for the player. Keep moving or die.

Graphic tweaks:

- Enemies glow when hit.

- Projectiles animation improved

- Spectres are more visible, just a little more translucent than pinkies.

Technical improvements:

- Decorate code cleaned and categorized.

- Deleted unused resources, now the file is half the original size.

Again, excuse me for my primitive english.


Vertelame - - 442 comments

im just against increasing the bosses healt, but meh, its still great.

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