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Here is what is happening upon the new Daemons mod release, version 1.0! Prepare for it, keep an eye on this mod by tracking it, because you will be finding yourself having a blast!

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Daemons mod - Official News

Hello followers and newcomers of the Daemons mod.

As you might have heard on the Ultimate Apocalypse mod, version 1.72, the Daemons mod was removed from the mod temporarily because it is in need of a special revamp. That is right, the Daemons mod is getting a total revamp! All thanks to Gambit and the NEW Daemons mod team, the internal release of the Daemons mod is under way to re-revolutionize the old play styles of Daemons race.

The Daemons race is close to finished, all that it will require is a few tweaks, maybe some more added stuff, an ai, and BAM, the release. The release may however not be for a while, maybe a good 1-2 months wait. I could be wrong, but the Daemons mod is entirely different, first off, and the Daemons race has gotten NEW STUFF ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!

Spoiler alert. Featuring:
- New revamped ai.
- New choosable and customizable army types.
- Daemons Marks of the provided god are reworked.
- New units.
- New structures.
- New voice overs.
- New ways to play!
- Unlimited amounts of replayability!
- Compatibility with the Ultimate Apocalypse mod version 1.73.
- Secret in team material at your disposal.

So await the new Daemons mod version 1.0! There is going to be a tone of stuff new, improved, and good for your taste. Gameplay is SOLID, and if you have enjoyed the Daemons mod, maybe a little, you will most likely find the race now one of the greatest races made in DOW.

All thanks to the Daemons mod team, Lord_Doofus, and Ultimate Apocalypse mod team collaborators for working together on this fantastic piece of art.

Daemons Mod

Please help our community rating!

Our rating was downvoted by lots of ones from internet trolls, thinking that we stole content long ago when things were a complete misunderstanding, and the mod page was under construction.

Vote your opinion about the mod. If you do not have an opinion, vote a nine or ten to up the rating downvoted by the trolls. The mod rating does not deserve to be this low. Thank you!


and as a side note you can also add that i'm pumping in new maps to this mod.

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I like to merge it with Strongholds mod, but I don't know if this works.. =D

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Would it be possible for you to put the old version back on? just as with the ultimate apocalypse mod we cannot use any of the other teams with that mod, without this one... Would be great please & ty

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