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Hell shall fear much more than a berserk, gun-toting badass!

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"Mage - the guy that explodes all the shit." -Sergeant Mark IV

Remember those old Brutal Hexen Mage teasers? By Parias' bald chin, they gave me the bluest mana prisms after I learned his development had been halted indefinitely! If you're like me, then Schism's already put a sweet, sweet tap upon your deep mana pool. Otherwise, be prepared for a mage experience more fantastic than a Doom mod has any right to possess!

Border 01 rev2

Deadolon draws from rapidly replenished pools of mana to cast elemental spells.

The left hand channels runes of power that steadily increase spell magnitude. Primary casts are maximized at four runes; other spells at five. However, with five runes, primary casts will unleash a specialized, extra powerful spell. The right hand performs a short-range Spray, and may also be permanently enchanted to cast a free basic spell of any element. Magic Walls provide a variety of killing power, hard and soft control, and spammable defense. Lastly, only the currently active mana pool refills.

(With Sorcery equipped)
Cryomancy: Quick cycle to frost magic
Pyromancy: Quick cycle to fire magic
Stormcast: Quick cycle to storm magic
Fire: Primary elemental spell

->Secondary Fire: Secondary elemental spell
->Weapon Special: Tertiary elemental spell
->Magic Wall: Boosted elemental Wall
Secondary Fire: Elemental Spray
Magic Wall: Elemental Wall

Unload Gun: Quick Spell Enchantment
Quick Spell Cast: Cast Enchanted element

Border 02 rev2

Short-lived elemental enchantments that encircle Daedolon.

Up to four Orbiters may exist at once. Fire provides excellent melee against non-demons, limited fire immunity, and light amplification. Ice provides the freeze effect, good damage against most monsters, and complete frost immunity. Storm provides the stun effect, excellent damage against demons, and limited lightning immunity.

(Note: Orbiters are a work in progress.)

(With Sorcery equipped)
Fire+Mana Recharge: Craft Orbiter

Border 03 rev2

Simple magics with great utility that let Daedolon frequently cheat death!

Telekinesis can open doors and toggle switches at any distance. Blink warps you across a moderate longitude. Astral Shift briefly phases you from harm (rockets can still hit), and a short distance in one of eight directions may be traveled. Levitation allows for modest flight, but momentum can be built through various sources and maintained for as long as mana lasts and space allows.


Telekinesis: ...
Blink: ...
Run: Astral Shift

(Tip: use Toggle Run to sprint.)

(With Stormcast equipped)
Levitation (while airborn)

Border 04 rev2

The bindings available through the Heptagram would tear a modern battleship asunder!

Runecraft boasts grand offensive spells such as the explosive Black Sun, the noxious Cloudkill, and the legendary Sphere of Annihilation! Summons such as the Maulotaur, Fire Wyrm, and Magic Scimitar loosely guard you and attack enemies with impunity. Finally, benefic spheres can be crafted for respite, aid in assaults, or to nullify danger.

(Note: A large portion of the bindings will not be available until future releases.)

Once a ritual is initiated, do not move away from the Heptgram unless you wish to dispell it. To start a binding, cast a Rune of Malefice on one of the lit points on the Heptagram. Choose another point to cast another Rune of Malefice; either an arm opposite from the first cast or to an arm two points clockwise or counter-clockwise. You will be guided through the rest of the ritual.

Runes of Malefice are obtained by making a killing blow against demons with the Sacrificial Kris. Stronger demons grant more runes. The runes, themselves, can be used like mines and are quite deadly. Detonation is only reliable while a rune is in-flight, but they will self-detonate on a surface if an enemy was in proximity. The Shield of Malefice reflects all projectiles and blocks pathing.

(Note: Due to Doom engine quirks, projectiles can bypass the shield. The only way to ensure no
projectiles pass through is to set two shields parallel or set one shield then channel the other.)

(With Grimoire equipped)
Mana Recharge: Switch between Rune/Shield Mode

(Rune Mode)
Fire: Cast Rune of Malefice (costs 1 Rune of Malefice)
Secondary Fire: Detonate

(Shield Mode)
Fire: Draw Heptagram (costs 1 Rune of Malefice)
Secondary Fire: Channel Shield of Malefice
->Fire: Set Shield of Malefice (costs 1 Rune of Malefice)

Border 05 rev2

Daedolon has little love for firearms.

Heavy and/or energy weapons cannot be equipped. However, any firearms possessed can be Imbued, upgrading ballistic hardware with an elemental effect. Ancient relics such as the Bloodscourge may also be obtained. The Sacrificial Kris can be used effectively in conjunction with Storm Orbiters, Quick Spell Enchantments, and the supplemental cantrips.

(Note: Hexen weaponry will be available in future releases.)

Weapon Slot 1: Equip Sacrificial Kris
Weapon Slot 2: Equip Sorcery; SMG; Pistol
Weapon Slot 3: Equip Sorcery; Shotgun; SSG
Weapon Slot 4: Equip Sorcery; Chaingun; AR
Weapon Slot 5: Equip Grimoire
Weapon Slot 9: Equip Sniper Rifle

(Choose Quick Spell element first)
(With firearm equipped)
Dual Wield: Imbue weapon

Schism 0.96 Fixed


ice fire and electricity effects are best i ever seen, they looks very natural. Its great that there are frozen and burning sprites for monsters. Its looks awesome, that great effort put here.

his marine legs feel only out of place, if I suppose to nitpick on something.

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Solinarius Author

Ya, they spared no expense on those effects! FYI the effects are boosted by some custom settings in-game (including Bloom) and I'm using a third-party HDR shader.

I believe the next release will give everyone their proper legs.

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