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Devs Sean and Dave battle it out for mediocre scores in the Cycle 28 beta.

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In last week’s Beta Dev Shoot-Out (Run 3) I made some pretty bold claims about upgrades in Cycle 28, and our lack of need of said upgrades. I chose to do so by referencing the classic line at the end of Back to the Future.

I’d like to apologise for those claims, and that disrespectful reference. Because at first glance it would appear that Sean and I really, really need more upgrades if we’re going to progress up the Cycle 28 Global Leaderboard.

But, as this week’s Beta Dev Shoot-Out suggests, it might be a little more complicated than that.

This is the first week we’ve recorded with the very first upgrade players unlock in the game: Multi-shot. It’s a bit of a fan-favourite. Who doesn’t want more bullets? Over the course of our closed-beta we have made some changes to Multi-shot. Initially, the arc of fire was much wider. This led to the feeling of not having to aim quite as much – not so satisfying, even if it did lead to more kills. No one celebrates a headshot after peppering the entire building/wall/tank with bullets first (you probably have one friend who does this). So, we tightened Multi-shot up a little to get the best of both worlds: the feeling of more pew-pew, and that you still needed some skill to make the most of the stream of bullets.

But perhaps our biggest concern with Multi-shot was the classic upgrade worry: is it OP? Does it break the game? Does it make all our carefully crafted challenges a cake-walk?

This Beta Dev Shoot-Out, if nothing else, puts that worry to bed.

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