Another new map announcement for the upcoming version 1.6 of the only active Survival/Battle Royale multiplayer (and single player) mod for Doom!

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Download version 1.5!

Still working away on's proving to be a bigger update than I intended. It may even include some single player/co op levels...stay tuned to find out! Sorry it is taking so long, my day job has been brutal!

I am announcing another new map for version 1.6: BHRt03: Cyberwar! Battle your way through the UAC's first AI controlled city of the future! (most) Players begin the round by dropping in from the sky in a pod, whether down to the streets or at the highest level of the UAC tower. Be careful not to fall into the strange fluid that powers the city as you traverse the streets and the buildings of the city! Players are teleported to the rooftop of UAC tower at 45 seconds to the final battle! There is no escape - a forcefield will surround the structure! Check out some screenshots below!

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