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A summary on the new features present in CWE 1.04 and a sneak preview of what is to come in CWE 1.05.

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Greetings, in this version of CWE, the endgame was my focus. As the game runs from 1946 to 2092, it was vital for there to be a challenge at each stage of the game.

As Climate Change is increasingly an important feature of our world landscape these days, it has to be represented in the game. Other than this important gamplay feature, there were also many more additions in the Cold War era to flesh out the economic shift from individual national economies into trading blocks where sovereignty is traded in exchange for being able to leverage on each other's strengths. Other seminal developments of the era such as the development of the world's first Supersonic Commercial Jet were added to make the game for other nations more interesting. The endgame of the Cold War also received a boost in terms of flavour with the addition of the Socialist Democracy government type which allows Communist Nations to transition into the Socialist Democractic Utopia that Gorbachev's reforms strived but failed to accomplish. Besides these additions there were also others to represent the development of international relations in the modern world such as the Codification of Sea Ownership in the UNCLOS agreements.

The mod also strived to capture some of the more complex features in modern society such as the different shades of Corruption, Societal and Governmental to make it more challenging for corrupt nations to shake off the sleaze which many countries today are grappling with. Another addition to this area was the implentation of Anti War Movements which makes it even more difficult for democracies to wage wars effectively as the people can excersise their democratic rights to sabotage the war effort.

In conclusion, as the overall game flow for complete CWE is to have a gradual escalation in the challenges a country has to face. From the Cold War era to the distant future, the threats will go from being between states to between states and non-state actors and then finally between humanity and the environment. 1.06 will therefore strive to fill up the gap in the middle game by introducing non-state actors eg. terrorists and global movements to make all nations more vulnerable to the Global Movements and make interstate cooperation even more vital.

I hope you enjoy this new version of the mod and thank you for following the development of the Cold War Enhancement Mod.

CWE v1.05 Changelog:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Supersonic Jet Programs
  3. Regime Change
  4. World Epidemics
  5. Centralisation & Decentralisation
  6. Superpower Guerilla Support
  7. UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
  8. South China Sea Dispute
  9. Special Economic Zones
  10. Franco-British Union
  11. UN Peacekeeping (Uniting for Peace & UNSC Resolution)
  12. Nuclear Blackmarket
  13. Nuclear Blackmail
  14. NATO Dissolution
  15. Polar Exploration
  16. In-depth corruption mechanics (Social Corruption + Governmental Corruption)
  17. Opportunity for more countries to be permanent members of the UNSC
  18. Coup & Peaceful transfer of power Mechanics
  19. G8 Presidency
  20. Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
  21. Rising Sea Levels
  22. Set up torture camps
  23. Transition into Socialist Democracy from Communism
  24. Generic Tension Levels after Cold War
  25. Taiwanese White Terror
  26. European Investment Bank
  27. Berlin Airlift Events Review
  28. Tourism Decisions
  29. Communist Togo, Madagascar, Rep of Congo
  30. World Language
  31. Palace construction
  32. Foreign Loans vs IMF Loans vs Overlord Loans
  33. International Development Bank
  34. Immigration tweaks
  35. Thai Communist Insurgency
  36. Representation of Microstates
  37. Italian War Crime Trials, Anti-Mafia Martyrs
  38. European Union Chairmanship
  39. Anti-War Movement
  40. Multitude of Bug fixes and tweaks
  41. An Easter Egg

Features planned for CWE 1.06:

  • Terrorism & other non state actors
  • US-Soviet Joint projects
  • Future Trade Goods

Github link:

While the Moddb file will give you big changes between versions, you may still feel that you wish to follow the mod more closely so I have made a Github Repository with the mod where you can download the most up to date Dev version of the mod. However as it may be updated frequently, you may have to download the lastest Github version multiple times for small commits like bug fixes etc so I still recommend that you wait for Moddb version releases.


Some people have asked whether not being able to justify war is a bug. It is not. The ability to justify war is tied to ruling party war policy and world tension levels and your war progress. So unless you fulfil at least one of those conditions then war justification will be possible.


Did a great job. I hope you can implement the Hungary additions I have listed before.

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settintotrieste Author

Thanks! I will add them in the fullness of time.

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You have the RGO Gas, as Gas Attack, which of course makes no sense at all.

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Plus, some RGO's, like rubber and gold has 100% unemployment from the start.

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As well as the middle state of Java is named Upper Okhotsk. Seems strange.

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settintotrieste Author

The middle state thing is a bug, I will correct it.

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settintotrieste Author

At the moment I do not know the reason for this but as far as I know the RGOs will start filling immediately after the 1st day of both start dates.

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settintotrieste Author

Yes, I am aware of it and there is no localisation in the mod for gas;Gas Attack and in the game it is gas;Gas however due to a hardcoded bug the change cannot replace "Gas Attack".

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Hello, I have some knowledge of the history of the USSR so I might be able to give you some ideas for events. For an example, I think that the decision after Stalin dies where it is chosen who becomes the next general secretary should have much bigger consequences. From what I saw it comes at no difference, when in reality a lot of interesting repercussions come from it. For an example, in the year 1952 the party was pretty much evenly split between reformers and hard-line Stalin supporters. Molotov and Malenkov were pro-Stalin while Beria, Hruschev and Zhukov wanted to reform the soviet state in one way or another. Hruschev originally introduced elements of market exchange on a wider scale into the soviet union and did this so there would be a greater variety of goods, but caused grocery lines in the streets because he caused shortages this way, as it contradicted the previous economic policy. Basically the main difference is that Stalin and the stalinists within the party geared their industry to perpetual industrial production and advancement but disregarded goods, so you had a lot of growth but very little variety in consumer goods and often just enough after the famines, while the later reformists diversified the economy as to have a wider variety of goods, but weakened their industry and caused shortages. Historically Hruschev only got into power because he had the military support of marshal Zhukov and there was a genuine threat of civil war, which the state wanted to avoid. Maybe this could be an event if someone other than Hruschev or Zhukov is chosen? Zhukov was also a bad politician but a brilliant officer, as he was given administration over east berlin for a short time and proved very inefficient. Hruschev was as I said a populist that shifted production towards consumer goods, Molotov was known to be an extremely bureaucrat and manager, he was notorious for spending most of his time in his desk. Malenkov was known as a communist hard liner within the party, he would probably do the best job of keeping ideological unity were he to get elected. Beria was a wildcard, on one side some papers of his that were preserved and survived the Hruschevite purges of him show that he wanted to democratize the soviets by leaving more decisions to voters, on the other hand Molotov was terrified of him and was sure he would have killed them all (Molotov, Malenkov and Hruschev) had he not been executed during Hruschev's putsch, and this was well into Molotov's grave when he was debased to an irrelevant political position so it seems genuine.
I don't know, maybe Hruschev's election should shift the party to market socialist? But Hruschev's election was a pretty big deal since he pressured the rest of the eastern bloc into this economic shift by threat of sanctions, and he shuffled the parties pretty hard which put new people into power in the various politburos. It is actually what caused the revolutions in Czechslovakia and Hungary indirectly, as Nagi and Dubchek wouldn't be in the political positions they were in had the party shift not happened back in 1952.

I haven't played as Yugoslavia yet but in case it hasn't been implemented, before the cominform split and especially after it there were anti-stalinist purges which sent pro-soviet politicians and people to work camps, most prominently Goli Otok. I think a purge event could be interesting, and maybe if it is the AI it doesn't purge as hard if you are lenient or something.
Yugoslavia was also an unofficial NATO member, where NATO would defend it in case of soviet invasion. Maybe a risk of WW3 when you intervene in Yugoslavia? Or maybe just a war with the UK which can escalate, since the UK offered this? They also had an alliance with the kingdom of Greece and the republic of Turkey after 1949. They received many economic 'gifts' from the west for being an anti-soviet bloc effectively, which boosted their economy significantly above most socialist states and allowed them to develop their presence in the global market.

I am sorry for this wall of text, but I thought you might find this interesting if you didn't already know it. I would like to discuss more with you if you are interested.

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Also, I forgot to ask, do you have any tips on this new economy? It is difficult to get a hold of, every time I take the soviet union to play I go bankrupt within a year or so, how do I counter this?

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settintotrieste Author

Download the latest GitHub version which makes running the USSR easier. The key is to take more loans and accept some level of corruption in your country until you have built up your economy.

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