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Some news on the progress about our modeller vyciouz and some things ill be working on.

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After some problems, the Main Modeller Vicyous, finally continued with the modelling process, he just started to make a custom Shao Kahn Model (you can see that the muscles are "Drawn" on the body, its just WIP, will be more detailed) using MK3´s sprites as reference, and enhancing MK4´s original models. Shao Kahn model, and a Mileena enhanced model (and probably the other characters) pictures will be shown soon.

I, on the other hand, will be making an entire rework of very popular maps like the Pit, the Portal, Scorpion's lair, szislac buzores, the Deadpool and jade's desert, we will make animations like the Idle of kombat pose and other basic moves.

Our coder has shown some nice progress so far. And we will keep you updated as soon as we can.

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So... will their be combos in this or is that to hard to code.(Seen some early versions, looks great:)

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Vicyous - - 106 comments

Yes they will be combos.

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