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What are we working on at the morning? What are we planning to do in the near future?

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Current State of the project:


Galactic Wars we plan to be released episodically. At the moment we are

concentrating on filling the Shanton Space Station with more detailed and

fun content like characters, side quests, easter eggs and much much more.

We also want to introduce the player to the world of Galactic Wars more

indirectly through interaction with side characters or ingame propaganda.

In our latest update to our public test enviroment we added a teleport in

the hangar bay that sends you down onto the planet to watch the new

tanks we made. This feature won't obviously stay in the finished game

because then we hope to have a semi lineral story with an authentic

and interesting athmosphere that feels real, and let's you experience

the world through a soldier's eye.


Our new inventory items in a more simplistc style

Be sure to leave any question you have down in the comments! We also

enjoy reading through your ideas and thoughts about how to improve our game!


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