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To long, didnt read: 2 New Warships Alpha Weapons

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Hello whoever reads this:

This is the first article and status update of this mod!

It contains:

  1. Current State
  2. 2 new Battleships are modelled
  3. Alpha Weapons

1 Current State

This mod is still in its first steps and I really try to work on this as much as possible, but I need to do other things aswell, like my real life, fixing other mods or playing games. This is why the progress is a little slower than you might think it is and I work on this all alone, only in researching stuff I have help from a friend.

So please have more patience, I still learn alot about modelling, dont forget that these are my first modells EVER.

2 New Battleships

You heared right! I managed to get 2 more ships done! So we have 3 ship models in total. (Aegis, Essex, Sovetskii Sayuz)

You may have already noticed that those are all the clan ships, this is because I want to simulate a bit Lore, the ship fight escalated even more during the clan invasion, the IS ships are comming later.






3 Battletech Weapons

6 NACs (Naval Auto Cannons


  1. NAC/10
  2. NAC/20
  3. NAC/25
  4. NAC/30
  5. NAC/35
  6. NAC/40

3 N-Gauss Rifles (Naval-Gauss Rifles)


  1. Light-N-Gauss
  2. Medium-N-Gauss
  3. Heavy-N-Gauss

3 NL (Naval Laser)


  1. NL35
  2. NL45
  3. NL55

3 Naval PPC (Naval Particle Projector Cannon)


  1. Light Naval PPC
  2. Medium Naval PPC
  3. Heavy Naval PPC

Thanks for reading


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