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Latest progress after a bit of a hiatus. Check out this article for the latest developments!

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Hi! Ground Seal is getting closer to a playable state. Work has been intermittent the past three years but I've been putting a lot more time into it the last 6 months. I've worked on a lot of interface updates and have overhauled a lot of my old scripts to run better and support the final features of the game.

New Features:

Added basic support for towns and enhanced AI for NPCs. The NPCs now can perform tasks autonomously. Currently they only can open doors and remove water with the bucket but I will eventually have them programmed to different roles based upon the building they are assigned to.


I've enhanced the menu a bit and updated my mouse cursor. The cursor now grows, shrinks and fades between two colors. I've updated the underlying menu code to support many different layout configurations. I hope to make a few more changes but the menu is in a decent state so I may not update that for awhile as I concentrate on more game content.

GroundSeal Menu

Starting to add more objects to my environments. There are some vines and crystals I added recently as well as clouds. I've added support for 2x2 wall tiles which should decrease the number of tiles that need to be drawn and allow for some cool decorative tiles. Currently I have a decorative stone brick wall as the default to see the effect but that will only be used in certain places once I have the code working well.

World Updates

I've added support to create different biomes at different sub levels. I still need to work on randomizing the shapes, sizes and positions. The dungeon is generating with all the correct rooms though I still need to
work on fixing the unconnected exits. Currently working on adding new dungeons, biomes and random structures to find.

Map Shot

Final Scope of Game:

Once I have some biomes ready I want to alter this to generate an endless world. I already have code to save/load the world dynamically in chunks so adding new chunks to the end when going to the end of the map should be feasible.

My aim is to create a working town with NPCs learning different skills based upon the building they occupy. I will implement professions first and then possibly a level system. The AI scripting I have should allow for all sorts of different tasks once I have decent pathfinding implemented.

Also working on a skill system that should allow you to unlock certain abilities with a tree based menu.

Hope to post again soon!


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