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These are the current features in the developement.

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Drones can be used for varies kind of operations. There are several type of drones such as mining drones, repair drones, attack drones.

A player can have multiple drones in there submarines dronebay. Depending on the class of submarine and size of dronebay you will be able to hold up to 6 drones in total as for now. All drones can be used simultaneously carrying out different tasks.

Some drones can not be operated unless requires such as repairs. If ship doesnt have a certain amount of damage the repair drones cannot be used. Repair drones repair different amount of "hp" depending on class of the drone and the type of software your currently running.

For example a lower class repair drone might be able to only repair up to 40 percent of total "hp" and higher classes up to 80%

Drones are still under developement and this might all change befor release!


One of the features you will find in the game is lootable crates and containers. They contain everything from modules to ores. The less unique the bigger the chance you will find it.

Some crates can be totally empty since its totally randomly generated.
Crates and containers can be looted directly and does not need drones to be used.


Signatures is a big part of the game. Everything has a signature and works in a couple of ways.
They higher the signature the easier it is to scan with sonar. This goes for ships, stations, enemy subs, ores, crates etc.

The deeper you are with your ship the lower the signature making you harder to scan from a distance. (Based on a sphere around the ship/object). The closer to the surface you go the higher your signature will be and enemy ships can scan you from further away.

Ores however are using signatures based on the ore itself. The more valuable the ore is the lower the signature making it harder to scan.

More on signatures will come later on!


All submarines can be equipped with shields. Shields absorbs some of the damage you take both from enemies and from collisions.

Depending on class on the shield the absorbtion varies. Shield uses alot of power and will depleat the PC (Power Core) faster then most modules on your sub.

Shields should only be used in emergencies to avoid bigger damage from more advanced enemies.

PC 1

Every submarine has a power core handling power output of each module attached. All modules has different power requirements and can only run as long as the power core has enough juice.

Power cores can be upgraded by manufacturing better ones or buying via the market. Different subs can use different classes of power cores.

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