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It's time for an update. Perhaps a big one? Has anything been done so far? What to expect and when?

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Half-Life: Unpredictable Effects comes with its own plot as well as a brand new experience no one has ever seen before. It would take a lot of time for a single developer to cover up both. That being said...

Has anything been done so far since the last update from years ago?

Actually yes, a lot has been done so far.

Unpredictable Effects has got its own storyline and an idea for a more enhanced version of the original Half-Life experience. While still in development, lots and lots of processing and dedication in-general is needed to finally cook the whole work into the first usable product. Not even half-way done but has outstanding progress so far, so no worries about its current health. The mod is not dead and that fact is currently dependant on my wellbeing, pretty much. There are no other developers and I am not looking forward to getting them. Harsh? I admire people who lend out a helping hand, but I am solely focusing on bringing the mod out as a one-man project after Its first release.

Okay, what about some examples (screenshots, etc.) for proof?

I hate to come with a new update and present little to no example for hype, but It's pretty straightforward.

Every new level, plot telling, or feature is not currently ready for presentation as it requires renewals, workarounds, etc. just like every other product. Okay, that's obvious, but can I show anything I've done so far? I cannot. I am not dragging everything under a carpet, but I am also not assured that I can present anything yet, despite having outstanding progress and results so far. It still needs work to be done. The idea and the right material for a starting point have been made and also takes time and dedication to even get them right. Those who have been on-watch since the beginning know about past updates being postponed and started over again, so nothing to show yet, but stay tuned!

What kind of enhancements would the mod offer to the original Half-Life experience?

Enhanced gameplay in-general with a plot taking place in the same storyline. Fellow modders might think of something like Spirit of Half-Life. But no, I am going to bake new gameplay mechanics with my bare hands and a bit of love. I can do a lot better than you Urby! Just kidding, just bear in mind that I am working from scratch in vanilla, which clearly gives out clue that it can be literally anything you have never seen before.

The atmosphere will not be changed a lot. It still needs that original Half-Life feel to it, but with a lot of new stuff that will blow you away.

In conclusion, I am very motivated to work on this mod and bring you fun, I have made significant progress, will keep climbing up, and will definitely bring you updates whenever I have enough material for presentation! Expect it to be big.


The WIP screenshots are a thing, so those wouldn't hurt. Sounds interesting. I can't wait to see what you've made!

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Great to finally hear from this mod again :3

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