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This is just a quick rundown of all the changes the mod does to CNC3, it does not include the new faction, the Earth Federation, in it's list.

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Ok, here is a complete rundown of all the changes to the game that this mod currently gives. This only covers the original 3

armies, not the new EF forces.


All Special powers are now free.
New special power, MCV Drop. This gives 2 Preditors, 2 Mammoths, and 1 MCV.
New unit, the A10 Orca. This has 2 powerful anti-ground gattling guns on it.
Firehawk now drops carpet bombs, anti-air sidewinders, or the MOAB.
GDI gets 4 new upgrades. MOAB for the Firehawk, Missle Pods for the Preditor, Railgun accelerators and Reactive Armor.
Preditor tank now gets a rocket pod upgrade avalible to it.
Preditor and Mammoth tank now get 2 new upgrades, Railcannon Accelerators and Reactive Armor.
Defensive structures now drop many structures when you build one.
Sonic Emitter cannons now instantly kill infantry, have greater range, and cause EMP damage to vehicles.
Gaurdian Cannons can now get the Railcannon Upgrade.
GDI can now build walls.
GDI's commando can now only be deployed with the Zone Troopers Drop power.

Nod -
All special powers are now free.
Nuclear Bomb now requires the Liquid Tiberium Lab instead of the Hand of NOD.
Nuclear Bomb is now dropped by an Armageddon Bomber, meaning it can be intercepted and shot down before dropping.
NoD has access to a new Ultimate Super Weapon, the Liquid Tiberium Bomb. This bomb does massive damage to everything

tiberium based and refinerys and kills all infantry on the battlefield. When Infantry die from this bomb they have a 33%

chance to turn into a vicroid that will attack anything near them.
NODs vertigo bomber has been retrofitted into a vertigo fighter. It fires Viper Missles at enemy aircraft now.
NODS Armageddon Bomber is now buildable. It drops cluster bombs.
The Avatar no longer uses the old upgrades. It has a traditional upgrade system now. It can be upgraded to a flamethrower,

missle pod, or beam cannon upgrade.
The Flamethrower upgrade shortens the range on the avatars beam weapon, but both the flamethrower and the beam cannon can now

be fired on the move.
The Missle Pod upgrade adds an anti-air missle pod that will target and fire on air units seperate of the Avatar.
The Beam Cannon upgrade adds a 2nd beam cannon and increases the range on the Avatar.
Laser weapons can now (for the most part) hit air.
Shredder turret beomces strong against infantry and vehicles when they get the Laser Capacitor Upgrade.
Laser turret gains the ability to hit air when they get the Laser Capacitor Upgrade.
NODs Commando has been replaced with a squad of Elite Infantry. The Elite Infantry can do everything the Commando could do,

but they are made up of a squad of 3 (2 confessors and 1 commando).

Scrin -
Scrins defensive structures have been removed. Scrin now builds defenses when it places main buildings.
In place of the Scrin Defenses is the new Scrin Power System. You get to purchase 2 lvl 1 powers, 2 lvl 2 powers, 2 lvl 3

powers, and 1 lvl 4 power. To purchase a lvl 4 power you need to own the relivent lvl 3 power.
The lvl 1 Defense power is Personal Shileds. All units able to use a shield has their shield activated.
The lvl 2 Defense power is Infantry Mines. Desintergrator and Shock Troopers can turn themselves into land mines. When the

mines detonate the original unit will reapear.
The lvl 3 Defense power is Blink Packs. Shock Troopers, Devestator Warhships, and Planetary Assault Carriers can make short

teleportation-jumps around the battlefield.
The lvl 4 Defense power is Regenerative Armor. Planetary Assault Carriers, Motherships, and Tripods can regenerate themselves

when not fighting.
The lvl 1 Offensive power is Tiberium Laced Weapons. Gunwalkers and Devourer Tanks can gather tiberium into themselves to

make their weapons much more powerful.
The lvl 2 Offensive power is the ability to deploy the Motherships. There is no limit on Motherships now.
The lvl 3 Offensive power is the ability to build the Rift Generator.
The lvl 4 Offensive power is Advanced Weapon Technology. Many units gain additional firepower, the Seeker tanks weapon

switches from cluster weapon based to rocket based making it 100% more accurate and gaining the ability to hit air, and the

Mothership gains the ability to hit air with anti-air weapons and additional armor.
The lvl 1 Tactical power is the ability to use the Tiberium Scan.
The lvl 2 Tactical power is the ability to use the Phase Field. This field can now be used on enemy units as well.
The lvl 3 Tactical power is the ability to use the Wormhole. This is now a perminant wormhole unless it is fired upon and

The lvl 4 Tactical power is a new ability, the Nightmare Pulse. This covers the map in a colored haze and forces all infantry

units (other than Scrin units) to become surpressed for 1 minute.
The Gunwalker is now an infantry unit.
The Devistator warship now only has 1 weapon, a micro black-hole blast. This has a long reload time, but can also be used

through a power on the devistator warship.
The Planetary Assault Carrier has a new fire mode, Planetary Assault. This leaves the ships docked on it, but lets it fire a

powerful beam weapon at enemys on the ground.
The Mastermind no longer has a limit on how many can be built.
The Mastermind has a new power, summon Ion Storm. It can fire off an Ion Storm to a spicific spot that will last for 1

The Explorer will now summon an Ion storm that will slowly move around the field and attack any enemies.
The Mothership is now called "The-Eye-Of-The-Storm". It now has an Ion Storm that fills the center part of the ship and moves

with it.
The Devourer Tank now fires a rolling partical blast that moves through enemies. It takes a moment to charge up, but is long

The Gunwalker can now hit air.
The Shock Troopers now fire a different weapon depending on if their target is a structure, on the ground, or in the air

making them decent against all enemy types.

WOW thats a lot, and that's just the changes to the original armies, it's not even taking into account the EF forces. I will

get into those in a later date, I just wanted everyone to see what changes we've made to the original armies so that they can

try and get a feel of how the game now plays.

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