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A map for Operator, SRT tries to destroy a cache inside of an IAD compound. Features an outdoor courtyard full of long range engagements and two complex buildings.

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Cult is a new map for Operator. The map features the elimination game mode, meaning that everyone only has one life, so make sure to take things slow and check your corners! SRT has to enter the East building in the compound and to destroy the weapons cache inside. They have many insertion points on the perimeter of the compound they can choose to breach from.

SRT contacts IAD on trying to enter the compound.

When entering the compound, watch out for the West building! The rooftop can be used to snipe from. Alternatively, SRT can decide to breach the West building and take advantage of the rooftop to control the courtyard and big staircase, stopping IAD from using those areas to defend or make flanking maneuvers.


As IAD, remember to control the small and big staircases inside the East building to stop SRT from getting to the cache. Cult is a slower paced map with both longer ranged outdoor combat and fierce interior firefights. Your strategic planning and tactical maneuvers will be brought to the test.

We have playtests every Saturday at 5:00pm UTC Time.

Join the discord here. - Tokrishi

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