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I wanted to share a video of first minutes in the game. This is not final and It may change, but please, take a look!

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Hi there!

I have some major update of what I've been doing for last months for the next demo. I will show my game at Digital Dragons and Pixel Heaven event in Poland and I need to make another version of the game with every feature implemented.
Here is the list what is new in the game:

  • Gem socketing system - similar to diablo 3, gem bonus depends on what item he will be placed into.
  • Secondary stats such as - Attack speed, bonus Experience, Cooldown reduction etc (16 total)
  • Hot seat, now while playing campaign mode, second player can sit next to You and join the game to aid You
  • Skills can now be bought and changed at Skill master on Hub map. (16 skills)
  • Snow Arena map Concept/tests
  • Many more small changes

    Last time I did show a video from snow arena that is under development, now I can show how will the game start look like. Here are few first minutes.

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