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Cubers is an exciting arena brawler and a twin stick slasher made with Unreal Engine 4 and coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In the game you control a character sold into slavery by his family, who has to defeat a master of gladiators to reclaim his freedom.

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On their path to victory, players will fight waves of enemies, one after another, using variety of weapons, armory and skills. The game offers a unique friendly fire system allowing your opponents to hurt each other, which adds plenty of tactical options.

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There are many types of enemies and trap combinations on 4 arenas, each with a unique theme, atmospheric effects, destructible environment and a challenging boss fight at the end.

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The game highly supports 2 player local game. So there is a hot seat join to the game while playing solo campaign and Versus mode for 2 players where after choosing time and arena both players kills enemies for points. And the winner is the one with higher score!

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  • 25 types of enemies bringing various possible tactics and strategies.
  • Dynamic environment at the arenas – over 10 various traps and obstacles which can
    interfere the game or help you fight enemies.
  • Unlock new skills and develop your character.
  • Over 100 items to buy in a game store including swords, shields and helmets.
  • Defeat each of challenging bosses
  • Couch competitive multi-player mode – get this party started and play against your friend!

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About Me

My name is Thomas Dziobek and I am a producer at Teyon with 10 years of experience in creating games. During this time I worked on 3D art, textures, level design, animations and game-play design. All of this, plus the experience with Unreal Engine allowed me to start development of my own game. I am a big fan of action games and slashers, especially featuring a couch mode, so I have decided to make something new, interesting and different from other action titles. That's why I'm making Cubers on my own, for me, my wife, and everyone who loves slashing hordes of enemies!



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Few words after release

Finally, after 4.5 years of hard work my game is finally out in US and EU (Japan will be released in a few months after some localization testing) When I have started this project I just wanted to make a simple game for me and my wife to play together, I wasn't intended to commercial, but after a year of work I've decided to make It bugger and more complicated.
If Teyon would not help me with the aid of full-time programmer and experience of porting a game on consoles I would never be able to finish this game and port on consoles. I'm very thankful to them.

I know this game is still "small" but I've almost done everything in this game on my own and I was not able to lend $$$ and invest everything I had when I have become a parent of 2 kids during the development.
I still want to improve the game and add additional content over time. But working after hours with 2 kids, 2 cats and a dog in a house is quite challenging :)

In conclusion, If You have a kid to play with, or a wife or a friend, add Cubers to wishlist or buy it right away and start your journey. You can also play solo on Hard difficulty if You like Diablo/Darksiders/Torchlight games.

Here are the shop links:

⚫ Steam: Bit.ly
⚫ Xbox One: Bit.ly
⚫ Switch: Bit.ly
⚫ PS4 (EU): Bit.ly
⚫ PS4 (US): Bit.ly

What reviewers say:

Cubers: Arena offers a gratifying grind and an extensive arsenal to brawl to your heart's content. It is also one of the most couch-friendly games out there, letting you do everything with a friend by your side. While its structure may wear some players down, the charm of enemies being hurled across the arena by your satisfying swings and strikes cannot be denied.
Gamers Tample

Cubers: Arena can be a quite fun experience! Whether or not you play with a friend, I would still suggest giving Cubers: Arena a try and see if you would enjoy it!
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Cubers: Arena - release dates revealed!

Cubers: Arena - release dates revealed!


After all this time, my game will be finally released! 28.07 Xbox, PS4, Steam 30.07 Nintendo Switch Read the Article for more info.

Cubers: Arena now on STEAM

Cubers: Arena now on STEAM

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CUBERS: Arena, an electrifying arena brawler/ twin-stick slasher game, is coming soon to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ & PC. After all this time STEAM...

Cubers: Arena is (99%) DONE!

Cubers: Arena is (99%) DONE!


We have finished all content for Cubers: Arena. Now we need only...

Cubers: Arena - Close to ALPHA update and Game modes video

Cubers: Arena - Close to ALPHA update and Game modes video


Cubers: Arena will be soon in ALPHA phase, so I'm updating all of You with information on the current game condition. I have also a few videos and a promo...

OgoidTV - - 1 comments

I wold love to play this masterpiece on my yt channel if you don't mind

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BastianVonHalem - - 7 comments

Looks fun, I also love the artstyle!

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