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After big pause it ready. Big changelog, new interface design, traps and more.

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Alpha 0.0.7 changelog:

>Cubes moving sound
>Cubes moving speed
>Meyerhold death
>Metal cage death
>Cube squash death
>Inventory design
>Bag item
>Item models
>Hypercube model
>Hypercube materials
>Medkit type
>Moving speed of cubes
>Boot texture
>Grab hand
>Item-player collision
>Game icon
>Cube I main menu
>Lighting in hypercube
>Room move waiting slowed down
>Final level

>Cubes connect sound
>Cubes connect shake
>4 new traps
>Test blood and gore
>Tesseract picture in hypercube
>Lights in tunnels
>Few test items
>New inventory
>Camera moving and idle animation
>Pain meter
>Cube attach sound
>New food types
>Water bottle type
>Blood losing
>Health bar
>Starvation bar
>Water bar
>Blood bar
>Starter packs
>Quality settings
>Items hit sounds
>Cube zero alphabet
>Menu button sounds
>New glitches

>Duplicating overlap rooms (room spawn in other room)
>Door sounds
>Door double closing
>Room with closed hatch opens when it connects with opened hatch

Removed for short time:
>"R.E." laser trap

Alpha 0.0.7 gameplay

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