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CSPromod BETA 1.07 has finally been released! Despite several internal issues which forced us to delay the release, we're still going strong and we will be releasing further updates.

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CSPromod BETA 1.07 has finally been released!Despite several internal issues which forced us to delay the release, we're still going strong and we will be releasing further updates.
You can download it on our official download page here:

Here is the changelog for this version:

Feature Additions

  • Added bullet force to mimic CS 1.6
  • Added new custom smoke particle
  • Added new C4 backpack model
  • Added CS 1.6 style crosshair translucency
  • Added Source Engine's physics for dropped weapons
  • Added player blob shadows (cl_shadows 0/1 to disable/enable them)

General Changes

  • Added better blood goosh particles
  • Refactored MP5's recoil
  • Refactored Famas' burst fire mode recoil
  • Tweaked grenade throw position and velocity to be exactly like CS 1.6
  • Tweaked all rifles' accuracy to be equivalent to CS 1.6
  • Tweaked Deagle's accuracy
  • Tweaked AWP/Scout quickscoping
  • Tweaked crosshair cooldown rate
  • Tweaked crosshair sizes (cl_crosshair_size is now independent of cl_crosshair_advanced_scale)
  • Tweaked HE grenade damages
  • Tweaked tagging (player velocity reduction on getting hit)
  • Tweaked weapon drop trajectory to mimic 1.6
  • Tweaked air acceleration slightly
  • Tweaked footsteps while scoping with the AWP/Scout
  • Tweaked the FOV to remain equivalent across all resolutions; removing unfair advantages for wide-screen users
  • Updated maximum wall penetration distance from 128 to 768 units to match CS 1.6



  • Fixed up to 10 boosting exploits
  • Fixed several missing top textures
  • Re-added the midd double doors boost
  • Re-added the midd windows boost
  • Reduced the fog significantly
  • Replaced the sand footstep sounds by concrete sounds


  • Remodeled the lower part of the red rock 3d displacement (next to the 2 big boxes) to allow for more visibility when standing behind them
  • Reduced the fog
  • Tweaked the hut window to make the jump from the top of the hut possible


  • Clipped numerous pillars to prevent players from being blocked by them
  • Reduced the fog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed godmode bug
  • Fixed footstep sounds being heard from too far
  • Fixed not getting any damages upon landing on top of a player's head
  • Fixed wrong flinch animation playing when hitting a player's arm
  • Fixed glitch showing players' scores instead of kills in Steam server info panel
  • Fixed missing third person reloading sounds for Aug/Scout/Sig
  • Fixed defuse kit showing when looking at own feet in spectator mode
  • Fixed Glock/Famas burst fire mode prediction issues
  • Fixed bug causing teammates to disappear on the radar when tabbing out
  • Fixed zoom sensivity still being applied after de-scoping with the AWP/Scout on high latency servers
  • Fixed AWP/Scout issues on reload
  • Fixed a bug making the crosshair expand for no reason on weapon switching

Tweaks/Minor Changes

  • Added French, German and Bulgarian localization files and updated English localization
  • Added low.cfg config file for users who need better performances (and default.cfg to revert)
  • Added 'invert mouse' to the options (Player tab)
  • Applied bullet force to head of ragdoll when shot in the head from an angle that does not trigger the headshot animation
  • Changed mid-air velocity cap from 325 u/s to 2000 u/s in air
  • Cheat flagged several ConVars
  • FPS Panel text (cl_showpos/cl_showfps) is now proportional (more readable)
  • Made certain deaths go straight to radgoll without special animation (rear HS)
  • Narrowed down required front-facing shot angle for gut and headshot death animations to play.
  • Players now drop their weapons in their feet when killed (except C4)
  • Removed sparks caused by dropped weapons
  • Removed own sparks and blood in first person (except for headshots without a helmet)
  • Re-enabled the following ConVars/ConCommands: ent_fire, ent_create, sv_showhitboxes, sv_airaccelerate, sv_maxvelocity, give, thirdperson
  • Slightly reduced weapon pickup area
  • Updated grenade textures

Pablo79 - - 160 comments

This version is standalone?

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medve - - 1,475 comments

please think before asking questions like this

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MARiN3 - - 713 comments

great news, i am downloading it :-)

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