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CSPromod BETA 1.09 was finally released on December 12th, 2012 and we released a very important patch a week later (version 1.10) containing highly anticipated new player models along with their new animations.

Download it at:

CSPromod BETA 1.10 .exe format

CSPromod 1.09 contained many bug fixes, tweaks and new features such as integrated deathmatch (both team and free for all) and predicted attacks and deaths (never seen before in any Source game or mod).

Exclusive In-Game #1 Exclusive In-Game #2
Exclusive In-Game #3 Exclusive In-Game #4

CSPromod 1.10 adds long-awaited player models with completely new animations, as well as a few tweaks and bug fixes.

Here is the changelog for both versions:

December 16th, 2012 | BETA 1.10

Feature Additions

    • Added new SAS player model
    • Added new Phoenix player model (replaces the old leet)
    • Replaced all player animations
    • Added AK/Galil hipfire pose for the Terrorist model
    • Added new defuse kit model
    • Added new C4 bag model
    • Added custom shell models
  • New Player Models

    New Player Animations

    New Additional Models



  • Fixed not being able to pick up usps and glocks


  • Reduced fog density
  • Tweaked environment lighting
  • Increased cubemaps rendering resolution

Bug Fixes

  • Pushed a tentative fix for the respawn bug
  • Pushed a tentative fix for the unconnected scoreboard bug
  • Fixed insane difficulty level bots not attacking other players
  • Fixed TDM spawns being team based instead of random

Tweaks/Minor Changes

  • Revamped net_graph iconography and added new cvar (net_graph 5/6)
  • Revamped status icons (buyzone, bomb, defusekit) iconography
  • Lowered weapons volume
  • Tweaked main menu background
  • Tweaked scoreboard colors
  • Tweaked smoke grenade particle transparency
  • Tweaked blood sparks to be visible with and without kevlar
  • Tweaked deathcam transition speed
  • Added r_postprocessing to the CSP tab
  • Added and updated gamemodes related config files

December 9th, 2012 | BETA 1.09

Feature Additions

  • Added GoldSrc sound spatialisation
  • Added predicted attacks (can be disabled via cl_predict_attacks 0 and/or cl_predict_deaths 0)
  • Added new 360° damage indicators
  • Added custom player hit/registry sounds
  • Added custom decals (gunshots, blood splats and grenades/bomb scorches)
  • Added plugin support (see
  • Added penetration kill icon
    • Enabled by mp_gamemode dm ConCmd
    • Added cl_dm_help to disable DM hints
    • Added mp_dm_freeforall to choose between TDM and FFA
    • Added mp_dm_weapon_dissolve_delay to control the weapon dissolve
    • Added mp_dm_avoid_teammates to disable collisions
    • Added mp_dm_spawn_protection and mp_dm_spawn_protection_alpha to control the team protection
    • Added mp_dm_spawn_armor to set armor and helmet status
    • Added mp_dm_spawn_grenade_he, mp_dm_spawn_grenade_flash and mp_dm_spawn_grenade_smoke
    • Added mp_dm_clip_regen_amount and mp_dm_clip_regen_interval for ammo regeneration
    • Added mp_dm_kill_hpreward, mp_dm_kill_hpreward_hs and cl_dm_kill_hpreward_color for rewards
    • Added mp_dm_idle_lives, mp_dm_idle_punish_mode, mp_dm_idle_ang_tol and mp_dm_idle_pos_tol
    • Added mp_dm_respawn_mintime and mp_dm_respawn_maxtime to set min/max respawn times
    • Added cl_dm_auto_secondary to choose if silencers/bursts should be automatically on or off
    • Added DM killstreak HUD panel
    • Added hud_kill_streaks and hud_kill_streaks_log ConVars
    • Added menu_show ConCmd to display a message on a menu on screen
    • Added menu_open ConCmd to open a menu file (see the cfg/menus/ folder)
  • Deathmatch gamemode

    DM killstreak HUD panel

    Added new menu system

General Changes

  • Emulated the 1.6 jump speed limitting mechanism
  • Fixed smoke not always emitting
  • Fixed delayed player animations (jump, crouch, flinches)
  • Fixed delay with players transitioning from death animation to ragdoll on death
  • Tweaked the material bullet penetration mechanics
  • Improved round reward algorithm to match 1.6
  • Tweaked all the ingame sounds fading distances to match 1.6
  • Massively overhauled the ingame bot system
  • Improved footstep sound culling
  • Mimicked 1.6 style hit view punches
  • Added flashbang stacking mechanics
  • Added a map change intermission
  • Fixed team-specific items (defuser/C4) being carried over with a player when they were team balanced
  • Improved flesh, kevlar and helmet hit visual effects
  • Enabled Phong shading and improved normal maps on the player models
  • Added custom HE explosion particle effect
  • Added weapon firing particle effects
  • Changed the rcon command to feature auto-completion in the console
  • Improved the team balancing (bots and more recently connected players are favoured over the others)
  • Diversified the number of available game translations



  • Added "csp_aim_pistol" to the map rotation
  • Added custom lights.rad file
  • Tweaked .nav files for deathmatch and better bot AI


  • Major lighting revamp
  • Tweaked environment lighting and shadows color
  • Tweaked/improved direct and diffuse shadows
  • Reduced fog density
  • Fixed many visual glitches/inconsistencies
  • Fixed one crate at banana; you can no longer jump ontop of it directly
  • Tweaked the small house at banana to allow the "eml' flash trick
  • Added a sound to inferno's rotating door


  • Reduced fog density


  • Reduced fog density
  • Fixed missing entity

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the toggleconsole command to be properly bound to any key
  • Fixed crosshair being in the incorrect position at some resolutions
  • Fixed bullet penetration behavior on Linux dedicated servers
  • Fixed '100HP' showing as critical on the HUD after round restart
  • Fixed primary and secondary weapons not being reloaded on new round
  • Fixed spectator view offset related issues
  • Fixed a step sound not being played when landing on players
  • Fixed the wall spark material being hard to spot under DX9
  • Fixed the hl2.exe process not being terminated upon game exit
  • Fixed the AWP's accuracy speed offset
  • Fixed moveable ragdolls in deathcam
  • Fixed disconnect messages not showing for players you haven't seen yet
  • Fixed the UpdateRadar usermessage overflowing when a lot of players were out of PVS
  • Fixed team colour in the top-right death notices changing for a player if they changed teams or disconnected
  • Fixed spectator mode being switched to the roam mode on a round restart
  • Fixed smoke grenade emitting bounce sounds after it goes off
  • Fixed func_breakable being damaged by thrown items
  • Fixed mp_falldamage cvar behavior
  • Fixed footsteps not being emitted when landing/walking on a player
  • Fixed the after-teamswitch camera position
  • Fixed smokegrenade bounce sound glitch
  • Fixed game initially loading for too long issue by disabing the node graph
  • Fixed screen rotation issue when viewing the scoreboard
  • Allowed items next to a planted bomb to be picked up
  • Fixed GUI elements layout being affected by a game minimizing

Tweaks/Minor Changes

  • Tweaked pistols' recoil patterns
  • Added cl_crosshair_outline and cl_crosshair_outline_color ConVars
  • Added cl_crosshair_color_waiting ConVar to change the crosshair color when player is unable to shoot
  • Added cl_crosshair_expansion_factor ConVar and tweaked related behavior a bit
  • Tweaked team names to be now translated in the join message
  • Improved grenade bounciness and gravity slightly
  • Improved tagging algorithm slightly
  • Improved weapon spray patterns slightly
  • Tweaked Glock's spread slightly
  • Tweaked the rate of fire and damage of scoped/silenced/burst weapons
  • Improved the blood decal emitting system
  • Added sv_buyzone_hold_time ConVar to be able to buy outside buyzones just after you leave them
  • Added a bomb plant warning when the player tries to plant outside of the bomb area
  • Added bomb drop/pick up messages
  • Tweaked sniper scope overlay material
  • Tweaked the defusing to be aborted in case of a reload or weapon switch
  • Removed +attack2 functionality while defusing
  • Tweaked the C4 beep frequency
  • Tweaked the radar to update every half second for players outside of the PVS
  • Tweaked death camera to be more smooth and added a custom self-kill one
  • Changed the without kevlar hit sound
  • Readded the first person sparks and blood
  • Changed several chat messages to be coloured
  • Changed all chat messages, center print messages and HUD hints to be printed into the console
  • Added echo_chat command to echo a message to chat
  • Added colour support in chat (format of {#RRGGBB} or {#RGB})
  • Server can now execute jpeg and screenshot commands on the client
  • Removed setname command (use setinfo name ‘new name’ instead)
  • Added sv_min_name_change_interval to restrict frequency of name changes
  • Added sv_netgraph_allow_traffic ConVar to force safe net graphs (0 or 5 only)
  • Added net_graphlegend to enable the colour legend to the left of the graph
  • Changed changing your name when dead not to cause instant name change on the scoreboard
  • Changed the sv_gravity to properly affect physics objects on change (map change is no longer required)
  • Reduced per-player network traffic (should reduce choke)
  • Added the friendlyfire tag in the server browser
  • Added support for map and gamemode specific cfg files (maps/cfg/README.txt)
  • Tweaked the "Server cvar X changed to Y" message not to truncate ConVar values over 16 characters long
  • Changed the ping of the listen server host is now shown as HOST on the scoreboard
  • Tweaked alias to no longer alias over existing commands/variables
  • Tweaked the chatbox to be cleared on level change
  • Tweaked the chatbox to be hidden when showing the scoreboard
  • Added steamid ConCmd to display the current player's Steam ID information
  • Added csp_developers ConCmd to show the current CSP developers active on a server
  • Added specific kick messages to chat
  • Removed old multi-duck mid-air prohibition
  • Added csp_version command (client-side) and csp_sv_version (server-side) for verbose build information
  • Increased maximum players limit to 64 (from 32)
  • Added messages when players are team balanced
  • Added fov_fix_zoom ConVar to customize the zoomed FOV
  • Tweaked the backstab system
  • Matched the 1.6 friendly fire penalty
  • Increased the number of sv_pure protected files
  • Lowered vents' health
  • Removed excessive dust effects on ragdolls and dropped items
  • Changed the footstep type to concrete when landing/walking on a player
CSPromod 1.08 Released

CSPromod 1.08 Released


Not much longer after the release of 1.07, we are releasing this version which brings lots of fixes and a few important tweaks to the previous version.

CSPromod 1.07 Released!

CSPromod 1.07 Released!

News 3 comments

CSPromod BETA 1.07 has finally been released! Despite several internal issues which forced us to delay the release, we're still going strong and we will...

CSPromod BETA 1.06 patch released

CSPromod BETA 1.06 patch released

News 2 comments

Hello everyone, After a slight delay we have released the first patch (v1.06) for the version beta 1.05. Now that we are on the Orange Box Engine, we...

CSPromod Beta 1.05 Release

CSPromod Beta 1.05 Release

News 3 comments

CSPromod is pleased to announce version 1.05 beta to the masses. Enjoy.

RSS Files
CSPromod BETA 1.10 .exe format

CSPromod BETA 1.10 .exe format

Full Version 12 comments

CSPromod Beta 1.10 full installer. This download is the exe, which is self extracting to the Sourcemods folder.

CSPromod Beta 1.08 .exe format

CSPromod Beta 1.08 .exe format

Full Version 1 comment

CSPromod Beta 1.08 full installer. This download is the exe, which is self extracting to the Sourcemods folder.

CSPromod BETA 1.06 Patch Linux Server

CSPromod BETA 1.06 Patch Linux Server


Here is the v1.06 patch for the version 1.05 which had to be delayed a bit but is finally here. You must install the version 1.05 first then exctract...

CSPromod BETA 1.06 Patch .zip format

CSPromod BETA 1.06 Patch .zip format

Patch 1 comment

Here is the v1.06 patch for the version 1.05 which had to be delayed a bit but is finally here. You must install the version 1.05 first then exctract...

CSPromod Beta 1.05 Release .zip format

CSPromod Beta 1.05 Release .zip format

Full Version 1 comment

This is v1.05 Beta release. Zip version which includes linux server files as well as the full release of version 1.05.

CSPromod Beta 1.05 Release .exe format

CSPromod Beta 1.05 Release .exe format

Full Version 7 comments

This is v1.05 Beta release. This download is the exe, which is self extracting to the Sourcemods folder.

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hi !
NEW cs promod NO-STEAM ! 2018 !! 🎮

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Anyone interested in "reviving" this mod?

I manage to make the mod work, and it was really simple.
I'll post here the steps to make the mod work.

btw I'll be hosting a test server around 10 AM CEST as of 10th of May, almost everyday. And it'll be hosted for half an hour or the entier day (it depends on my mood)

now to the tutorial then.

1) Fist u need to download "Source SDK Base 2007" from Steam>Tools
2) Now u need to download "CSPROMOD"
- After downloading it, install the mod normally
3) U need to download GCFScape for the next step
- Install GCFScape

4) Now what we need is the data from Counter-Strike: Source
[url] source shared.gcf[/url]
Just copy it and put it in ur browser. (without the url thing :P)

5) After downloading counter strike source shared.gcf u should open it with GCFScape and extract cstrike and reslist to desktop (for orientation)

6) Now u just simply copy cstrike and restlist and past it in the Source SDK Base 2007 FOLDER RIGHT NEXT TO THE "hl2.exe" AND "hl2" FOLDER

If u follow these steps correctly the mod should run fine (u do need to restart steam so that cspromod shows up in librery)

For any type of questions u've got. U can add me on steam or simply post it here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

In case nothin's workin for u, and ur ****** off. I've come to save u from destroyin ur pc, or beating up ur little brother (Idk, I would if I had one... don't judge ok). Anyway.
I made post on the officialcsp steam group.
in case u can't open it.
Just install the SDK bases 2006, and 2007 and download dis:
When u download it, install it in Steam/steamapps/sourcemods
And ur done, no more purple-black-epileptic things. Have fun.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

well it's possible to backport and setup with old css engine all maps and fixes that are outside dll can be ported.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This entire project is owned by and you would need to contact them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have a small issue regarding the game. I installed Source SDK 2007 and I already had CSS installed and I ran it before. However, my anti-virus discovered something. The file "cspromod_aio_fix" was considered a virus. It was then deleated by my anti-virus. Thinking this was just a small mistake, I thought nothing bad would happen. I launched CSP and loaded up csp_dust2. Though it didn't look alot like it normally did, with all the missing textures and errors. Yep, something didn't install correctly.
Apparently everything was missing either a model or a texture. I could really use some help here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i managed to fix it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This is a mod from pre-steampipe era so dont expect it to work

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Good game needs faster updating.

Feb 22 2011 by yomynameisstewy

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