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In anticipation of our big release January 31st 2010 (yes that's 2 weeks away) we posted our changelog from about 2 years of solid work. Big thanks to all our supporters, and those who have made this mod possible.

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In anticipation of our big release January 31st 2010 (yes that's 2 weeks away) we posted our changelog from about 2 years of solid work. Big thanks to all our supporters, and those who have made this mod possible.

January 31st 2010 | BETA 1.04

Feature Additions

Custom User Interface Design

  • Created custom-built modern-style HUD with traditional placement of all standard elements
  • Created custom assets, including fonts, vector graphics and overlays
  • Overhauled design of GUI, Main Menu and Options section to achieve a unified visual style
  • Added CSPromod options tab to offer one-stop VGUI tweaking of all new features
  • Added animated round timer for 30 seconds and below: timer flashes red with 1.6-style speed cycle
  • Added teammates' money to the scoreboard
  • Added teammates' health to the scoreard
  • Added color-coded player indicators on both sides of the round timer
  • Added animated main menu background

Redesigned Radar

  • Changed radar to 1.6-style circle with "out of range" indicators on the rim
  • Radar shows teammates only, and dropped/planted bomb only to terrorists
  • Added height indicators: teammates are shown above and below with arrow indicators
  • Added the option for teammate names to be displayed on the radar
  • Added the option for the map's overlay to be displayed on the radar
  • Added the option for the radar to be transparent or opaque

Reconstructed Wall Impact Effect System

  • Added classic 1.6-style wall impact effects: orange sparks, white puffs, and black flecks
  • Added fleck scaling: black flecks scale properly according to distance (up to 5200 units)
  • Added option for white, black, or white/black hybrid smoke puff
  • Optimized wall impact effect system for maximum fps and computer performance
  • NOTE: All aspects of the wall impact effect system can be turned on/off in the CSPromod options tab

Customized Weapon Viewmodels

  • Added functionality for 1.6-style weapon origins: cl_classic_origins 0/1 and in CSPromod options tab
  • Altered muzzle flash behavior to match 1.6 and Source-style weapon origins
  • Added custom, high-resolution muzzle flashes with appropriate shape, size and positioning
  • Added the option to disable the Source Engine's viewmodel turning lag
  • Added the ejecting brass (shell casings) viewmodel effect for all weapons

1.6-Style Weapon Bob

  • Added 1.6-style weapon bob
  • Controlled by velocity ramp-down only, not by overall distance for walking/crouching
  • 3% eye offset bob synchronized to match the weapon bob on the same scaling

1.6-Style Weapon/Bomb Throwing

  • Added 1.6-style weapon/bomb throwing (looking down/up increases/decreases range)
  • Tweaked gun pickup range and speed
  • Adjusted angle orientation during weapon/bomb drop to match that of CS 1.6
  • Added functionality which enables "cycle running" with multiple weapons

Revamped Grenades/Flashes/Smokes

  • Completely reworked gravity, friction, bounce and stop time behavior to match 1.6
  • Horizontal angle origin with CS 1.6 style animation and fixed single point origin size
  • Hard-coded grenade pull-back time and lowered it to .5 secs to enable 1.6-style double flashes
  • Adjusted HE grenade damage radius to match CS 1.6 values
  • Adjusted HE grenade damage to penetrate walls and brushes
  • Added smoke puff and two sets of sparks to flashbang explosion point
  • Tweaked flashbang blindness effect to properly cover all HUD elements
  • Adjusted smoke grenade effect to be unaffected by in-map lighting
  • Fine-tuned smoke grenade effect to remain balanced both inside and outside of the cloud
  • Adjusted smoke blindness effect to mimic CS 1.6
  • Adjusted double smoke blindness to 98% when within both clouds

Modified Ducking System

  • Adjusted player viewports to directly match player hitboxes and model in real time
  • Adjusted ducking to include both downward and upward motions, removing the CS:S ducking exploit
  • Removed functionality for triggering jump animation while ducked under objects
  • Adjusted player models and hitboxes to remained ducked while on ladders (improvement on both CS 1.6 and CS:S)
  • Adjusted crouching on ladders to no longer change a player's base origin position, ever

Redesigned Footstep Sound System

  • Adjusted the values of footstep volume to match CS 1.6 within 5 units total distance and 1% gain
  • Fixed bug causing additional footsteps to be possible after a player's death
  • Corrected a footstep prediction error that would cause left/right to mismatch

Revamped Crosshair and Cooldown Behavior

  • Added crosshair interpolation smoothing
  • Completely rebuilt rifle cooldowns to mimic CS 1.6 behavior
  • Adjusted cooldowns to work properly during reloads and silencer events
  • Added cl_dynamiccrosshair to CSPromod options tab
  • Adjusted dynamic crosshair behavior to mimic CS 1.6 behavior for rifles and pistols
  • Adjusted crosshair "jump" behavior for single tapping and low shot counts
  • Adjusted crosshair "jump" behavior for screen bouncing at max view kick per rifle
  • Locked minimum size of crosshair to CS 1.6 "small"
  • Adjusted cl_crosshair_size cvar to accept small, medium, or large
  • NOTE: Numerical adjustment of cl_crosshair_size is still included for advanced players

Redesigned Viewpunches (Viewport Animation)

  • Adjusted weapon fire to result in a more visceral, violent punch and a faster return to center
  • Added falling viewpunch
  • Changed fall punch to scale based on fall height
  • Lowered the values for short distance falls

New Movement Features

  • Added edge Friction velocity slowdown for edges with a fall of more then 64 units
  • Added functionality for fast running
  • Added functionality for wall Running
  • Added functionality for pre-strafe Jumping
  • Added functionality for double ducking
  • Recoded jump delay to a 1315 millisecond timer, matching CS 1.6
  • Added functionality for peaking corners while standing without making a footstep sound
  • Added functionality player movement slowdowns upon being shot
  • Tweaked falling velocites and fall damage to mimic CS 1.6

New Sound Enhancements

  • Added radio communication system
  • Added "bomb has been planted" sound upon bomb plant
  • Added "bomb has been defused" sound upon bomb defuse
  • Added "terrorists win" sound upon T round won
  • Added "counter-terrorists win" sound upon CT round won
  • Added empty chamber click sound to all weapons
  • Added HL1 "beep" sound to +use command
  • Added classic weapon switching sounds

Spectator Improvements

  • Added weapon viewpunches to in-eye spectators
  • Added buyzone icon for in-eye spectators
  • Added defuse icon for in-eye spectators
  • Added c4 icon for in-eye spectators

General Changes

  • Added option for 1.6-style AWP crosshair
  • Added new bomb plant/defusal status bar with dynamic color and percentage changes
  • Added functionality for CS-style death cam
  • Added functionality for one-hit kills from behind when using the knife with +attack2
  • Added numpad support to the buy menu
  • Fixed knife hull traces for accurate hit detection and swipe patterns
  • Added both Autobuy and Rebuy commands with full functionality
  • Added correct 3rd-person bomb plant and jump animation
  • Added cl_autoweaponswitch command
  • Added cl_switchknifehand command
  • Completed multiple hud_fastswitch options (0, 1, 2)
  • Added Quake-style instant weapon switching (HLTV-style weapon switching)
  • Completed multi-direction HUD damage indicator functionality
  • Rebuilt and reformatted server logging system with console output formatting
  • Added the ability to buy a defusekit with both slot 6 and 7 on the buymenu
  • Added 1.6-style bomb beep cycle with global beep on the final cycle
  • Added "attacked a teammate" notification upon friendly fire shots
  • Added blood splatter for no-armor bullet hit confirmation on body shots
  • Added spark sprites for with-armor bullet hit confirmation on body shots
  • Added full ammo clip buy menu capability
  • Added cheat cvar bot_mimic_yaw_offset for testing and practice
  • Added cheat cvar "impulse 102" for testing and practice (full health and money only)
  • Added cheat cvar "impulse 103" for testing and practice (full ammo only)
  • Added missing 3rd-person player model animations
  • Overhauled game netcode and locked interp commands



  • Added the custom "cspromod.fgd" for use in creating custom map types and weapons
  • Added info_map_parameters and incorporated CS-style point_viewcontrol (map join camera pans)


  • Added csp_aim_arena to the official CSPromod map rotation


  • Fixed assorted graphical bugs
  • Fixed assorted clipping issues


  • Completely overhauled map design to match theme of CS:S de_inferno


  • Significantly upgraded visual theme
  • Created and added various custom models, including pipes, missiles, ledges, supports, doors, and railings
  • Created and added assorted custom textures
  • Made assorted tweaks and minor changes
  • Removed water from background elements in order to maximize performance
  • Inserted CS:S de_nuke inspired background elements


  • Upgraded theme and added CS:S de_train inspired graphical elements
  • Created custom train axel models to match 1.6 train size
  • Made assorded tweaks and fixes to ensure that all 1.6 spam spots work properly


  • Added CSP_season to the official CSPromod map rotation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the "Disappearing AWP" Bug
  • Fixed bug causing players to crash upon multiple simultaneous player team changes
  • Fixed bug causing players to view black screen upon fall deaths
  • Fixed bug causing guns to reload prematurely
  • Fixed bug causing players to stick to walls while running/walking along them
  • Fixed bug causing bomb to not be defusable if a player is killed while defusing
  • Fixed bug causing players to become stuck while defusing the bomb
  • Fixed bug causing buy equipment menu to only display part of the time
  • Fixed bug causing Famas to not display in CT buy menu
  • Fixed bug causing bomb defuse progress meter to disappear
  • Fixed bug causing bomb to not be defusable with a player standing on it
  • Fixed bug causing grenades to become "buried" in walls while thrown from close proximity
  • Fixed bug causing bomb to be planted instantaneously upon a player leaving from/returning to the plant area
  • Fixed bug allowing players to change names while dead
  • Fixed various bugs associated with +use
  • Fixed bug causing 2nd flashbang bought to be free of charge
  • Fixed bug causing fire mode to be reset upon weapon switch
  • Fixed bug causing name overlays to be visible while flashed
  • Fixed bug causing name overlays to be visible through smoke
  • Fixed bug causing bomb to disappear from environment upon bomb carrier switching teams
  • Fixed bug causing radar dots to default to the map's origin
  • Fixed bug causing radar dots for dead teammates to not disappear
  • Fixed bug allowing players to buy a gun they had already purchased
  • Fixed bug causing players to fall through the map upon server connect
  • Fixed Bug causing 4 damage indicators to appear at once
  • Fixed silencer bugs on M4A1 and USP
  • Fixed Glock rapid-fire animation/sound bug
  • Fixed bug causing server crash upon invalid player model value
  • Fixed bug causing server crash upon invalid model physics
  • Fixed bug causing AWP gun barrel to show while zoomed
  • Fixed bug causing AWP muzzle flash to appear while zoomed
  • Fixed bug causing an inventoried gun with no ammo to be inaccessible
  • Fixed bug causing bomb to disappear upon elimination of all CTs
  • Fixed bug causing improper muzzle flash behavior across all guns
  • Fixed bug causing radar to still be visible while flashed
  • Fixed bug causing buy zones to be randomly inaccessible
  • Fixed bugs related to reserve ammo in dropped weapons
  • Fixed bug causing radar dots to sometimes disappear
  • Fixed bug causing roundtime to not be updated while spectating
  • Fixed bug causing team scores to not be updated while spectating
  • Fixed bug causing the bomb to clip through player models while spectating
  • Fixed bug causing defusal kits to clip through player models while spectating
  • Fixed bug causing spectator viewpoints to clip through the map with players under objects
  • Fixed bug causing viewheight to remain locked at crouch level permanently while spectating
  • Fixed bug causing spectator mode to not work if joined directly from connecting to a server
  • Fixed the targetID "name around corner" which wrongly allowed detection of hidden players
  • Fixed water movement sounds to only play when running
  • Solved m4a1 spectator muzzle flash alignment issue
  • Solved double muzzle flash rendering for spectators on all weapons
  • Fixed scoreboard spectator ping
  • Fixed bug causing server crash upon weapon being dropped while shooting
  • Fixed bug causing player crash while shooting dropped weapons
  • Fixed alignment formatting for both buymenu and radio menu (both now scale to 1080p)
  • Fixed bug causing improper cancellation of mid-reload sound sequence when dropping weapons
  • Adjusted buy menu to reset on exiting the buyzone or switching teams
  • Fixed bug allowing players to boost to the skybox using a thrown grenade
  • Fixed bug allowing one player to boost to the skybox with the help of another player
  • Fixed bug allowing players to boost to the skybox using a ladder brushtop
  • Fixed bug allowing a CT to finish defusing while dead
  • Fixed bug allowing silent defusing
  • Solved the slow door 100-tic bug
  • Fixed bug causing free-look to carry into spec mode with no player target
  • Fixed bug causing crouch view to carry on into specmode
  • Fixed bug causing canceled gunfire
  • Fixed bug allowing walk and crouch to add up speed penalties when pushing both buttons
  • Fixed bug causing blood decals to draw on teammates with mp_friendlyfire 0
  • Fixed HUD reset bugs (red health and money carry-over)
  • Fixed bug causing the kevlar hit sound to be prematurely "clipped"
  • Fixed bomb attachment bugs ("floating bomb attachments")
  • Fixed bugs related to weapon toss origin and tossing weapons through walls
  • Fixed all radar bomb icon issues
  • Fixed bug allowing grenades to be thrown through walls
  • Fixed bug causing step sound while leaving the bottom of a ladder while crouching
  • Fixed weapon shadows (off when deployed)
  • Fixed bug causing bomb to collide with players
  • Fixed silent ladder exploit (running straight up a ladder).
  • Fixed bug allowing slanted ladders to trap players in a crouch
  • Fixed bug causing smoke to carry over into the next round
  • Fixed bug causing AWP quick scoping decal misplacement
  • Tweaked AWP movement speeds to match CS 1.6 exactly
  • Fixed bug causing flashbangs to not blind spectators

Tweaks/Minor Changes

  • Setting sv_cheats to 0 now takes all players out of noclip mode
  • Set DX8+ as required and marked certain ConVars and ConCommands as cheats
  • Tweaked player movement air control
  • Tweaked scoped movement speeds
  • Tweaked bomb damage
  • Tweaked bomb blast radius
  • Tweaked weapon rates of fire to match CS 1.6 values
  • Tweaked weapon switching speed to match CS 1.6 values
  • AWP's deploy speed is now higher than the rest of the weapons
  • Tweaked enemy/teammate mouse-over text display duration
  • Added maplist.txt to stop console nagging
  • Tweaked autoexec.cfg to stop additional engine nags
  • Bomb explosion screen shake and sound effect range is now 4000 units
  • Tweaked headshot dink sparks to be more visible and always point upward
  • cl_predict and cl_predictweapons are now marked as cheats
  • Doubled Glock muzzle flash size
  • Moved m4 unsilenced muzzle flash
  • HUD Pickup history clamped to 10 items
  • Defaulted console to enabled
  • Added listenserver.cfg and settings.scr
  • Defaulted teammate names on radar to off
  • Added round_end event
  • Solo roundplay with respawns
  • Spectators are now gray in chat

Thanks for reading, you can check us on twitter or on our site.



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