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Crystallized Doom 1.9.2

Changelog Crystallized Doom 1.9.2 (AI Beta 0.2)


-Random Map Generator works (just don't use cities slider, or game will crash!)
-Less random crashes (because of tweaked AI)
-Game freezes sometimes after a unit explodes

New Features:

-Full AI support for Forgotten faction
-Full AI support for Cabal faction
-New Nod Pyramid graphic
-New Forgotten Barracks graphic
-New Cabal Radar
-Redeemer is now an infatry unit instead a vehicle
-New vegetation and rocks imported from RA2
-New explosions imported from RA2
-New craters imported from RA2
-New unit Nod Montauk
-New unit Heavy Cyborg
-New unit Cabal Engineer


-Changed several Cabal unit voices
-New Nod Pyramid with buildup animation
-Added Cabal Core buildup animation
-Added Cabal Power Reactor buildup animation
-Tamaraw APC buildable (Forgotton)
-Heavy APC buildable (Forgotton)
-Annihilator moved from Nod to Cabal
-Fixed and tweaked several AI taskforces
-Firebug tank buildable (Nod)
-Added Tundra buildup animation for GDI Advanced Tech Center
-cleaned up artfs.ini
-cleaned up firestrm.ini
-GDI AI build backup MCVs
-Nod AI build backup MCVs
-Cabal AI build backup MCVs
-Forgotten AI build backup MCVs
-AI upgrades Ion Generator up to level 3
-AI upgrades Upgrade Hovel with Tiberium Core & Fusion Core



-Some small sidebar changes (Power Bars, Clock animation, some sidebar images)
-Black player color changed back to purple
-White player color changed back to pink
-Restored railgun effect to original style
-Finetuned several AI parameters


-GDI Scout cost decreased to 100$ (was 700$)
-Orca Transport cost decreased to 800$ (was 1200$)
-Dropship cost decreased to 2000$ (was 2800$)
-Ion Energy Generator cost decreased to 2000$ (was 3000$)
-Supra Walker cost decreast to 3000$ (was 4000$)

-Charge Collector now adds 200 power instead 250
-Removed Limpet Drone
-Removed Mech Factory

-Supressor renamed to Supra Walker
-Supra Walker replaced Plasma weapons with Heavy Railgun
-Supra Walker replaced Stormrockets with Ion Loader
-Resized Nemesis (needs still work)
-Nemesis Ion Loader weapons replaced with the old classic Nemerail (Strong thermal laser)
-Removed Rockets from Vulture
-Advanced Fortress Tower Ion Loader weapons repleaced with new Ion Rail weapons
-ICMB Launcher missiles now deal more damage but are slower than before
-Ion Energy Generator produce now 400 power instead of 200 (with upgrades up to 1000)


-Chameleon Spy cost decreased to 100$ (was 700$)
-Fanatic cost decreased to 500$ (was 1000$)

-Nod Montauk building replaced by Nod Montauk unit
-Removed Mech Factory
-Removed Apache unit
-Removed Limpet Drone
-Removed Annihilator

-Fanatics sucide bomb more effective against armor (units and buildings)
-Plasma Cannon power drain reduced to 150 (was 200)

Nod Montauk Unit:
-Cost 2000$
-Weapons: Plasma Moleculator (only one shot not 3) and Flamethrower
-Can carry 10 infantry
-Subterrain unit
-Very strong armored


-Harpy cost decreased to 800$ (was 1000$)
-Mutant Spy cost decreased to 100$ (was 360$)

Tiberium Core upgrade produce now 200 energy
Tech core renamed to Fusion Core and produce now 150 energy

-Added Helipad
-Added Harpy unit
-Tripods can now deploy
-Exciter renamed to Executer
-Sleeping Tripods buildable (cloaked deployed Tripods)


-Advanced Cyborg cost increasd to 1000$ (was 800$)
-Plasma Cyborg cost decreasd to 800$ (was 1000$)

-Added Limpet Drone Scout
-Added Annihilator
-New secondary AA weapon for Redeemer
-Spalter replaced plasma weapon with lasers
-Added Heavy Cyborg
-Added Cabal Engineer

-Advanced Cyborg got a Plasma Launcher as secondary weapon
-Advanced Cyborg got stealth ability
-Cabal Commando requires now Cabal Core
-Spalter removed AA rockets
-Thor improved AA rockets

Known issues:

-Campaign not playable at all
-Cabal & Forgotten AI may build sometimes Nod powerplants/refinaries, if old ones destroyed (engine limited)
-Advanced Fortress Tower invisible buildup animation

Crystallized Doom 1.9.2


I have to say, I really like were this seems to head to, but I dislike the cabal and the mutant props. While I can see both sides partially scavenging armor and equitment from Nod/Gdi, I would like to point out that they remain different factions. The cabal props looked right out spooky, witgh terminator heads and battlemechs. Seems like much stuff shaken together, non of it sharing a same "style". Same goes for the forgotten. I would recommend you do get someone to work on these and declare them as placeholders.

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Astor Author

Yeah I know, I dislike it myself. But it's hard to do all things at the same time. I thought it would be better to focus first on gameplay then doing all the cosmetics.

But you can be sure that it is going to change with the next following releases. ;)

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