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This week with the E3 trailer of Crytek new game called "Ryse," Live action of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Crysis 2 Directx 11 video and much more news.

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Promotion Week 4: Too much news

In this week CryENGINE 3 promotion week on CryENGINE3 Developers Group we look back on a busy CryENGINE 3 news week with the E3 trailer of Crytek new game called "Ryse," E3 live action of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Crysis 2 Directx 11, Wii-U support and much much more.

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Part 1: Ryse - E3 Trailer

At this years E3 Crytek and publisher Microsoft Studios revealed their Ryse E3 trailer. Ryse is formerly known as "Codename: Kingdoms" and it will be a Xbox 360 title aimed for Kinect usage
According to Microsoft Games, the game will also be playable in a conventional manner with a standard Xbox 360 controller.

Ryse E3 Trailer:

Part 2: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - E3 Live action video

Also on E3 was City-Interactive with their upcoming CryENGINE 3 created game called "Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2." They released several new ingame screenshots and several artwork.

Check our image section for more Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 screenshots

Plus the guys over at IGN have a 8 minute interview with ingame footage:

Part 3: More Crytek news:

The people over at Crytek must have had busy week. Besides the E3 release trailer of Ryse they have more news:

Computex Crysis 2 - DirectX 11 Demonstration:

CryENGINE 3 - US Army Dismounted Soldier Training System trailer:

Army invests $57 million into a training system. Full Story here.

Crytek wary about Cloud-Gaming:

Carl Jones, director of global business development at Crytek, has said that predictions of a gaming future based in the cloud are unlikely to come to fruition until ISPs make improvements to network infrastructure.

Full Story here.

And lastly: Crytek on what game engines will look like in 2015.

"2015 is a long time in terms of hardware advances," notes Carl Jones, Crytek's director of global business development. "The sheer processing power that we're going to have at our fingertips will be immense, and the parallel power of the GPU opens up new rendering techniques to us that we haven't really been able to use in realtime before. By using a combination of them, you're going to get much more realism in areas where we don't have it holistically yet.

"If you look at LA Noire you see amazing character faces because they've gone for a bespoke solution for those faces. But the power isn't there to match that quality in the environments and such. In the future you'll be able to do the same quality for everything, so you won't get that 'texture shock' of some things looking high quality and others not. Anything you see now in movies, you'll be able to see in realtime by 2015."

Full story here.

That's it for the CryENGINE3 Development Group promotion weeks, until there are more CryENGINE 3 game updates available. Thank you for reading. And don't forget to join CryENGINE3 Development Group or join our CryENGINE 3 Developers Group on Twitter

Update 13-6-2011 Wii-U support:

CryEngine-built software is already close to fully running on Nintendo’s next-generation console, engine vendor Crytek has said.

Full Story here.


2015 huh? I doubt we'll see it in many games unless Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony release the next generation of console hardware. Looking at their priorities today, I would guess 2015 is around the time they would be developing each of their new consoles. Once the new consoles have settled in for a few years, we -might- start seeing the majority of games deliver on the promise of "Anything you see now in movies, you'll be able to see in realtime by 2015."

To be honest, I'm more interested in new games having more content and deeper gameplay than better visuals.

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Well nintendo have already announced development of their new console codenamed: project cafe, and with recent job posts from microsoft looking to contract Next gen hardware engineers for a 3year contract, it seems Microsoft is well on their way to development of the new xbox. Not sure about the next PlayStationt though, heard some rumours of their "NGC" project, but thats about it. So we may just see these consoles release around 2015, and then we will have to see what developers make do with.

But with that amount of time invested in graphics, I predict more uninspired clones of todays games.

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Duruk Author

About Playstation (4)

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The NGP will be a handheld with the approximate processing power of the PS3, while I believe Sony will hold off on the PS4's development until 8-9 core processors appear, as well as a large jump in graphics card technology. Anything else would likely become outdated too quickly.

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