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Critical Point: Incursion being developed by DominatingStudios has just been Greenlit!

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Critical Point: Incursion being developed by DominatingStudios has just been Greenlit!
Yes, we made it! Check out our game (still in progress) over on Steam:
This is just the first part of our journey after many years of development. There is a lot more blood sweat and tears ahead, but this is a great achievement and milestone.

We want to thank every fan and dev member (past and present) that has backed us and continued to support CPi over the last 5 years or so. This game will be released and we hope that being greenlit shows intent from the bigger community and validates your belief in us.

Keep on supporting. Keep on liking and share our great news!

This is a big thank you to every one of you - you are awesome and without your support this would not have been possible. Beta release planned in Q2 or Q3 2014 but subject to change depending on steams requirements and approval process. We will keep you all in the loop.

Other Developments:

In the last months we were very busy working on ironing out several code issues, preventing our alpha testing from continuing. Here are our update changes:

  • fixed several major crashes (blockers) due to open connections and timing out on our main menu
  • implemented fully working in game multiplayer browser, complete with steam server support
  • implemented fully working settings menu for updating all client side options [audio, graphics, input controls etc..] which is using the DLLbind for overwriting saved entries
  • implemented keybinding menu, adding ability to assign binds to more than 1 key
  • implemented crosshair preview, sliders to change RGB values and style
  • new feature: knives and hatchets are now throwable! you can buy 7 of them
  • new feature: when being shot the HUD shows "hit indictators" - this is client side optional and can be turned on and off
  • fixed body armour icon not showing in an online game
  • fixed objective icons displaying incorrectly in game (state changing too quickly)
  • new SCAR-H animations done
  • changed how the game calculations damage done and what to do when someone leaves. Players can reconnect during a live game when no damage has been done by any player, and they are able to rejoin as an alive player.
  • fixed several spectator issues showing artifacts and weird replication problems
  • fixed dead bodies being replicated incorrectly, sometimes showing into new rounds when relevant
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