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A highly detective story in the alternative Chicago of 1979.

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A highly detective story in the alternative Chicago of 1970s

  • You will witness a large-scale battle for the soul of the city.
  • You can hack into accounts, computers, e-mails of citizens and local corporate servers.
  • You have to investigate intricate cases, interrogate, blackmail, correlate information and catch suspects on lies.
  • You will need to make a difficult choice that can change the outcome of the whole game.

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Alternative 1970s.

A breakthrough in electronics led New Chicago to the early computerization of the city and the creation of a common Internet network.

Human stories.

Behind each avatar is a real man, with his own story and drama, desires and fears. Each letter or file can tell a story of envy, vice, conjugal jealousy, vanity or even insanity.

Psychology and Social Engineering

The game has a psychological approach to hacking. We don't hack a computer only, we break through a man's desires and fears. For hacking you will have to use the user's personal data, which you will need to get somehow.

Hacking options:

  • Fishing letter. Choose which letter is best to send to a person using his desires and fears
  • While communicating with the victim by phone or mail, you can get a lot of personal information
  • Gain the trust of the victim (flirt, friendship)
  • Blackmailing
  • Create needs. For example, you can first dismiss a person, and then offer him a dream job in a letter.
  • Trusted accounts. For example, you can write a letter from a person whom the victim trusts.
  • Cookies, Logs, browser history can also help Buy data or order a hack
  • Completing tasks for some people, so that after you can ask them for help (darknet)


Vision of investigation, interrogation, blackmail, the opportunity to catch a person on lies.

Search // It will be necessary to think carefully where to find this or that information. Whom to interrogate and how. Search for information in databases, letters, personal computers, information matching is an integral part of the work of any detective.

Your rules // Criminals do not live by law - they are always one step ahead of justice. Therefore, a detective with skills of a hacker is a good trump card up the sleeve.

Difficult choice // The law is not always fair. Sometimes a good man can be a defendant. For example, the father of a family who stole money for his daughter's surgery. Sometimes you have to choose how to deal with the attacker and hope that you are not mistaken with the choice.

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