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Many people helped on developing this project, by their publications on the Taleworlds Forum and Warband Repository. Many, many thanks to all of them, and a big THANK YOU to Litdum for bringing us the amazing Diplomacy 4.litdum mod. Thank you all.

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===///=== Diplomacy 4.Litdum - Reloaded! ===///===

First of all, MANY many thanks to Litdum for authorizing my publication of this mod when contacted via the Taleworlds forum. The idea and the inovations first brought to you by his mod are all amazing and the pinacle of Warband experience to many, including myself.
Then, thanks to all of the coders on Taleworlds forum for being present on the everlasting modding community of this game. Many articles and threads were reference to my coding inside the mod, mainly the legendary "Compilation of 82 little tweaks to the text files to change your gameplay" wich can be accessed trough here:
No less important of course were the many OSPs used by me, some edited on Blender and OpenBRF and many textures used and modified on Pain.NET by me. The name of every OSP used or referenced are as follows:

> Specialist's OSP
> OSP Item Variants
> Unique Armoury 1.1
> Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack
> Narf's Metal Base
> Narf's Transitional Armour Pack
> Bogmir Items
> Maws Shields
> Rus Armour Pack
> Flintlock Weapons
> Mackie Weapons OSP
> TES4 OSP Andragorn
> TES4 OSP HP Jojjo
> TES4 OSP HP Andragorn
> TES4 OSP Nexon
> LOTR Weapons 1.0
> OpenSourceProject-Weapons
> Native improved animations
> Adonnays Classical Weaponry
> Adonnays Elven Weaponry
> 15th Century Armour Pack 102
> 15th Century Weapons
> Fred's Bunch of Armours
> Japan Osp Anim v0.2
> Handgunner Brigs
> Narf's Plate Armour Pack
> Full Invasion Armors

This should be all, if any of your resources, meshes, materials, textures or code are used within this mod and not credited, or are and you want to be credited by name too, please contact me via ModDB or Taleworlds forum at @RedMythos on both. Your requests will be added on following updates and via the ModDB page. Thank you for your time and patience. Have fun!

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