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In this news I post infos about the music in the mod, features of the new update 2.95 and other stuff.

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Hi fans!

The time goes by fast, doesn't it? The mod “Crazy” is now 3 months old and the last update 2.92 was downloaded over 1300 times! I got many messages with tips and ideas for the mod, and some of those ideas I integrated in the new update. The others will follow of course.

So thank you for supporting my mod!

Whatever, I will upload very soon a new version of the mod, and here I post it's new features:
(The main features you can read in the ReadMe file: )

  • Many crash dumps are fixed, but not all. I'm working hard at it, but I have not much experience with the Dev.exe. If you want to help me, reply to my posts in the Sins forum:
  • The Vasari Loyalists can now capture derelict ships like the other factions
  • Flak turrets are now affected by the AutoCannon researches, also the Ragnarov's Railgun is affected by the Gauss researches.
  • More epic music from “Anno 2070”, “Two Steps From Hell” etc
  • Modified abilities, for example: Disruption Matrix affects fighters, Maximum Armor ability is stronger
  • Advent flagships are now stronger
  • Updated SoundMusic.soundata, so the most epic music can be heard more often
  • Balance change that TEC armor is stronger because of their weaker shields
  • New Ion Cannon researches in high tier area (6-8)
  • (Many ships got new weapons, some Caps have up to 4 weapon systems now!)
Some screenshots of
The Marza Dreadnought will get AA-weapons to defend it against his only weakness

Vasari Loyalists vs TEC Rebels
On a poster of the Collector's Edition the Vorastra had strong red beams. Why not in the real game?

NOTE: That is not a detailed overview, because I change with every update about 50 files. And this is an update from 2.92 to 2.95, so I changed more than 150 files. Sorry about that ;) . Also the features that are placed in brackets are only in the update 2.96, and actually I don't know if it works like I want, but it's possible that I integrate those features in a patch a few days later.

Also a few guys asked me for a music list, here is a Dropbox link: [A link will be placed here when I completed the list]

Comment this news and tell me your opinion!

Crazy 2.95



Nice; I like the new implements :D

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TheyCallMeProphet Author

Yes, partial your ideas ;) Thank you!

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Anytime :P

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