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I'm telling you about the newest update for Crazy!

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Hello Fans!

Now, four months after the last update, I want to present the next version of „Crazy“. Because of the update it takes a bit more time, but all files are ready and have just to be updated to 1.5 (But it's a lot of copy + paste work :( ).
I'm sorry that it took so much time, but I had a lot of stress and I waited for the update of Sins. Now I present the next update 2.98 that is mainly made by the other members of my team:

  • OverZealous fixed a lot of crash dumps, thanks to him the mod is more stabile
  • Crazymodder96 made the new features focusing on the Vasari:
  • Icons:
    • Stealth Kill
    • Cloak
    • Visor
    • Maximum Armor
    • Overload
    • Heavy Ion Bolt
    • Target Antimatter Tanks
    • Missile Boost
  • Abilities:
  • Vasari Loyalists:
    • mobile shipyards
    • mobile starbases
    • Flagship: Regenerative ability
  • Vasari Rebels

    • mobile phase stabilisators
    • diplomatic rewards
    • the Antorak Marauder is now a spec ops ship
  • Advent Rebels

    • Titan: Better Unyielding Will
    • Rapture Battlecruiser has now dynamic movement
  • Avent Loyalists
    • Optimized flagship
  • TEC

    • nuclear missiles (for special bombers)
  • Crysis Ships:
    • reworked CryTech Battleship
    • Cloak and Stealth Kill are now one ability
    • Better Maximum Armor
    • CryTech Battleship 1.0, 2.0 und 3.0
  • I'm working on this:
    • Making the version with Reb. 1.5 compatible
    • New soundtracks from Crysis 3 and films
    • Balancing the changes that Crazzymodder96 has done
    • Several small changes
  • fearNO and Pixelgameboy are working on models and textures, but I can't tell you exactly if they're in the next update
  • Also I wanted to add new weapon systems. I think that they're in the update.

I hope you like the new features. If you have ideas, write them in the comments! Thank you for 3782 downloads!

Yours sincerely

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can't wait

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Guest - - 698,724 comments

Looks cool! Keep up the good Work! :)

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