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an update regarding the creation of environments.

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Given our peculiar narrative system, our script is structured similar to a theatrical piece. with individual acts and scenes, defining major narrative transitions. this build has two such scenes, where the narration is abruptly altered.

The previous update, demonstrated some wip, screens from the first scene or first environment.
here are a few repainted screens from the same.

we are still working on the second environment. here are a few in process screens, both from Sketchup and Unity.

first iteration

the block version of this environment forced a certain amount of vartical movement, not conducive to the narrative purpose of the environment.

second iteration ( wip )

a significantly more interesting alternative !

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overlapping meshes in the last screen !

GC_Vos - - 206 comments

I like the surreal approach to this! Those clocks immediately remind one of Dali.

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Oleomingus Author
Oleomingus - - 208 comments

more Dadaist than Surrealist, given that our clocks are not melting yet ;)

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GC_Vos - - 206 comments

Well it's anything but Realism :) I like it and I'm tracking!

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e_Glyde - - 331 comments

This seems interesting, narrative seems very weird.I like weird, I must learn from you.

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Oleomingus Author
Oleomingus - - 208 comments

Thank you !
The story or rather it's dissemination is certainly peculiar.
With any luck we will be releasing a small pre-alpha build soon, with it's own endemic narrative, similar but distinct from the complete game.

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sporx - - 24 comments

I like where this is going. Great process so far!

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