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Rituals : our alpha build is almost complete. Take a look !

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We are nearing completion on our alpha build. The build, much like Fictions - is a standalone story, told within the world of Somewhere. With Rituals though we are introducing the mythical city of Kayamgadh, and the storytelling therefore is particularly convoluted !

Rituals is a composition of small individual stories. The principal narrative is built directly upon the subversive use of a three act structure - the one we experimented with in Fictions. This narration exists in the large amount of character dialogue. But unlike Fictions where the restrictions of verse forced a rather limited approach - dialogue here is meandering, often indicating at the presence of events and forces much beyond the player's perception. It is an introduction to the world of Kayamgadh and a rather strange colonial India.

Some of these events, that characters within the build are found grappling with, do find reflection in the books and the papers you find lying about. And we are trying to craft as many of these as we can get away with ! From pages that narrate small anecdotal stories to diary entries examining an event to newspaper notices commemorating the death of someone familiar, these peices of narrative litter the game world with stories.

The video above is a compilation of short fraps videos.

We have begun to send out a few test builds, and this time the Mac version seem to work !
We plan on releasing the build by next Monday.

You can also find us on our Tumblog and Twitter.


Woah, can't wait.

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